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What's been the high point of your day so far?

Asked by Jeruba (52851points) January 16th, 2022

I hope there’s been one. It can’t be all flat, right?

Do you think you’re going to top that before midnight, or is there nothing better yet to come?

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A cousin that I am close with came for a masked, no food eating birthday visit.

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Seeing the grandkids.

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My life is always a three ring circus / Grand Central Station. But today was fairly quiet, so I guess that’s a high point for me. One granddaughter had an overnight with a friend, other three grands went with their mom to the other grandparents house to visit. So I actually got some sleep today after I got home from work. At work again now. Oh Joy. Just drinking coffee and on the look out for old Big Nasty, my skunk pal. Then tommorow starts the same.old thing again. Golden Years my ass. ; )

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Geez, the high point was putting in an order for Penzey’s spices and realizing one of the items was free as a promo.
Damn. I used to be an interesting person.

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@janbb Happy birthday!

Someone I contacted 6 months ago finally wrote back last week, about trying to buy an item he might have. Today he sent me a picture of it, and it’s perfect! Now we have to agree on a price.
Honestly, I don’t care how much he asks, I want it!

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I do not have one, as I would need a licences for that.

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I go to a marvelous Episcopal church that’s only a 20 minute walk away. It’s Anglo-Catholic. I went to matins this morning preceding mass. I was a lector at both matins and again during mass.

The solemn high mass is sung, and it’s so beautiful. We have a gifted choir. They should be good. We pay the section leaders. Our priest is a musician, so his singing and chanting are superb. He sings the gospel when it’s time for that.

The music was reintroduced a few months ago. Because of the pandemic, we went completely without music for more than a year. We had mass outside for a while. Only persons who are fully vaccinated are allowed to attend the services. Everyone wears masks.

Then I came home, and a man I’ve known for a few years came over for some play time in the bedroom. It was also a spiritual experience.

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So far, the high point of mine, sad to say, was reading this in an AARP bulletin:

It isn’t always the case that a new version of the virus brings about a new batch of symptoms. “The symptom differences between people infected with one variant or another are usually much more similar than they are different,” says Scott Roberts, M.D., assistant professor and associate medical director of infection prevention at Yale School of Medicine.

That’s a world-class example of you-know-what-I-mean-despite-what-I-said. I couldn’t produce a sentence like that to save my life.

It should make everyone who worries about their command of English feel a little better.

The day does have seven hours yet to go, though, so maybe something other than dramas, crises, and conflicts will occur to lift my day.

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Good luck for the next seven! I’ve only got four left, and I hope to be sleeping for three of them.

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Watching it snow – first time in 4–5 years in my part of Atlanta. Beautiful to watch, fortunately I didn’t need to go anywhere..

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Tornadoes and Moose Tracks ice cream.

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When the temp went from 31* F to 32* F, since it has been freezing rain starting at 8 AM. No trees down or power lines down.

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Spending time chatting with my good friend who lives in England.

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Helping someone.

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When I was visiting my son and DIL, at one point the 2 grandgirls dragged me into their shared bedroom to watch a movie.
They have twin beds in their room. There is a table, of sorts, between the beds.
The oldest granddaughter popped some popcorn and it was in a bowl on the short table between the beds.
So, I’m sitting on the bed when a disembodied arm reached out from under the front of bed to get some popcorn from the bowl. It was like watching “It” from the Adam’s Family.
The disembodied arm reached out for several times to get popcorn.
At one point the disembodied arm started searching for the popcorn bowl to pull it closer to It. Sister pulled it back away.
I just watched, mesmerized
I told my son, “Your kids are crazy! Just like you guys were!”

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I Facetimed with my sister, who focused the camera on my great-nephew(3) and great-niece(14 mos). We watched him play with my (late) Christmas presents that he opened – Squigz and Dinosaur Colorforms and Big Truck Colorforms. (Remember Colorforms?!) Her gift hasn’t gotten there from the UK yet, so she played with the tissue paper and was none the happier. Very nice day.

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Finally getting headway in my research on an Ancestor in the 1600’s parents line.
Found on site , but realie that many JUST add names on without thorough researching skills.
My task now is to look for proof via documentation of which the submitter did not disclose from where he got it.
I sent email to the website to get confirmation on that information shown.
I noticed that that site has a “privacy” feature of which any submitter can use to hid there real name? I hope to call on monday and see what info that they can give me, otherwise going on France Archives again to search from what information that I did observe and hope that its accurate.
One big glaring possiblility is that many resaerchers who had spent many years researching often times then not just ‘tack” on a relative to make it fit?

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Rolling a blue plastic ball to my grandson.

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Just got back from camping in the snow. That first warm shower is nice.

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I finally got my mom in the hospital for pneumonia, and she’s alive. Definite highpoint.

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