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Are any of our southeastern Jellies experiencing the storm yet?

Asked by janbb (60255points) January 16th, 2022

As asked.

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Redacted by me because apparently I can’t tell the difference between north and south. <eyeroll>

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^Zoom class on how to tell where you live tomorrow at 9 a.m.
Icy and now snowing here.

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All quiet on the Western front.

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Done – - – - freezing rain this morning and early afternoon. 49* F right now, 10:30 PM.

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We got about 5 inches with ice underneath. The weather guy said to stay off roads today if you were able to. I listen to my weather guy. I stayed home from work. :-)

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Here in NY, we have 14 inches and still falling. Expected to be 18–20 inches by tonight.
High winds are the problem.

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Didn’t have any snow here in coastal NJ last night but the wind and rain kept waking me up, scared that the big tree in my backyard would fall on my bed. I had an arborist cut down dead branches a few years ago but it’s probably time to get one out again.

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I am the storm!

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I’m not in the southeastern US but I’m in southeastern NY and we got around 3 inches of slushy snow and ice. By this morning, it was about ⅓ melted but it’s still out there and will ice up tonight.

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It is in the 15–20 F range with winds in the 20 mph range – gusts to 40 mph. wind chills are near 0 F. I had to stop clearing my driveway because of the wind. I will wait until later today when the winds are expected to calm down. Nothing is going to melt.

The drifts from the snow plow are up to my mail box – which they hit and now I have to replace.

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