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What do you call this thing?

Asked by ragingloli (49934points) January 17th, 2022
This rubber thing with which to unclog a toilet or sink.
Are there any region specific names for this tool?

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In the US, it is plunger, or toilet plunger.

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A plunger, but I like “plompel” a lot!

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A plunger or plumber’s helper. Also, plumber’s friend.

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I guess we could be more poetic and call it a “shit stirrer”!

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Ont = de.
Stopper (from (ver) stopt) = clogged.

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We went out to eat, for a mid day quick meal,
Who knows what germs and bugs infested my veal.

The food was so awful, just a simple noon luncheon
My gut emptied so much, the john need plungin’.

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Toilet plunger or plumbers’ helper.

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That’s a turd wrench Loli!

Or Trump stick/potty plow/Jersey turnpike/fillibuster/Thor’s hammer/Texas tool/Washington monument/hand of fatima.

Depending on where you’re from…and where you’re going.

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It’s a plunger. There’s probably a German combination word that takes 50 or 60 letters to describe it.

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Safe cracker, ugly stick, the squelcher, Tennessee toothpick, Chatanooga champagne flute, Buster Douglas, Ollivander’s

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@flutherother You mean something like “poopderspringenflushenfabrikenwerken” ??

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That is a regular old plunger. Every home should have two. One for the toilet and one for everything else.

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