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Have you had Covid-19?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (36763points) January 17th, 2022

This is a GENERAL SECTION question.

It seems so many people are getting it. All 3 of my children got it. My roommate got it.

Did you get it?

Did someone close to you get it?

Are you vaccinated? Are the people close to you vaccinated?

How did you fare? Of the people close to you who got it, how did they fare? Were they very sick, or was it mild?

If you haven’t caught it, what steps are you taking to stay safe?

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Maybe. November 16–26 I was told to socialy isolate. Never been tested. I am triple vaccinated. I was double vaccinated when I was isolated.

Pain in the arms from coughing and then better.

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Currently home with covid.

My wife and 2 kids who are home also tested positive.

Vaccinated and boosted. Everyone’s vaccinated in my house.

Everyone I know who tested positive is either asymptomatic or has very mild symptoms, like sniffles and maybe a day or two of a mild fever, slight dizziness, and some fatigue. I had a very bad cold/cough for 14 days/nights prior to catching covid, so I am in rougher shape than most. But I’m doing well now. Just some leftover stuff from having coughed for so long.

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I haven’t, but then I am ridiculously cautious and the fraidiest of cats. A couple of my friends have had very nasty breakthrough infections, even vaxxed and boosted, but mostly the positives Ihave heard of have been asymptomatic or like a mild cold.

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My cardiologist says I probably had it while I was on the cruise/in quarantine. He noticed a 2% decrease in my heart wall. There were times back then that I didn’t feel well, but I attributed that to bad food and stress. If I had it, I was asymptomatic.

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I haven’t had it and don’t know anyone who has.

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I have not had it.
So far, no one in my nuclear family has had it (although a few are non-vaxxed).
I know of a few acquaintances that had it, and a few people that my mother told me about.
My mother- and my father-in-law both have it right now.
My second father-in-law, and my girlfriend, fortunately not.
My girlfriend taking care of these three, is very commendable, but also a bit worrying.
They are all vaxxed and boosted (except for mother-in-law; only recently vaxxed shot 1 and 2).

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I’ve not had it nor has anyone close to me had it. I know four or five people who have had Covid and they shook it off without having to be hospitalised. I am fully vaccinated and I am still avoiding crowded indoor spaces, public transport and I visit the supermarket early in the morning to avoid crowds.

Before visiting others I test myself to make sure I’m not carrying the virus.

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Did you get it?
– no.

Did someone close to you get it?
– one friend/acquaintance, a few not particularly close relatives, that I know of

Are you vaccinated? Are the people close to you vaccinated?
– yes, yes. I know two friends who are opting out of the vaccine

How did you fare? Of the people close to you who got it, how did they fare? Were they very sick, or was it mild?
– The people I know who got it all had mild symptoms. Though some friends of people I know, died.

If you haven’t caught it, what steps are you taking to stay safe?
– Vaccine, booster, masks, distancing while shopping, not doing in-person game/work meetings, much reduced restaurant dining and being around people. No air travel. Reduced travel. More washing of hands. Was already working from home.

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Not yet but it is scarily prevalent in my area again. I had relaxed my precautions in the Fall after being vaccinated; still masked as needed but went out to restaurants, to some NYC theater, etc. But now I am back to mainly staying home except for walks and food runs. I was boosted at the end of August so I am somewhat concerned that the effect may be waning. I had gone back to water aerobics and art this Fall but I have stopped them for January at least. I did go to my local art house movie theater once since Omicron and may go again because I can check on bookings.

I know the two Jellies here who had it recently after full vaccination and seem to have had a rough time and have heard of family of friends having it with a variety of symptoms and experiences.

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Looking back, I had it at some point.

I didn’t realize it though until I started having a hard time breathing, and even then I thought it was pneumonia.

November I started having the bad taste.

I remember this one day, where I was in SO much pain. My head hurt as well as my whole body. Next day I felt fine though.

I never quarantined because it felt like a regular migraine, and none of the symptoms were till later. So I don’t know but I think I did

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I’ve not had it, vaccinated and boosted.

5 friends in 2020, one dead.

3 friends in 2021.

14 year old grandson week before Christmas, his 12 year old brother tested positive last Friday. That’s three weeks apart. Both are vaccinated and asymptomatic.

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To my knowledge, I have not had it. I have been PCR tested three times, all of them negative. (Once a week before going on vacation, once while on vacation because I received a phone call that I had been exposed at work, and once when I had symptoms that turned out to be a sinus infection.) Yes, I have been vaccinated and had the booster.

There are 12 people who are regularly in our office. Only three of us have not had it, assuming we were not asymptomatic. I have many friends, family members, co-workers in other offices, and online friends who have had it. Most prior to vaccination, and a few after vaccination.

We are back to masks for everyone at work, even the vaccinated. If you work within six feet of another person (without a full wall between you), or go to any common areas like a breakroom, you must wear a mask. We aren’t asking customers to wear masks, assuming they are vaccinated. We’re not asking customers, just using the honor system. I’m lucky to have a Plexiglas barrier between me and my customers.

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I’m isolating for five days. Have lots of groceries, so I am ok. Have a required pharmacy appointment tomorrow.

After waiting for 45 minutes too my nurse the recorded message said that I should isolate for 5 days if I think that I have Covid.

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I have not had covid19. I am boosted, Moderna all three shots.

Many casual friends and acquaintances of mine have had it, especially in the last two months.

Only one of my close BFF friends have had it, and no one in my nuclear family.

Actually, the one friend who had it is technically the husband of a friend, but we all four (my husband, me, my friend and her husband) are together a lot. He was fully vaccinated and in a superspreader at work.

All of my closest BFF friends are vaccinated, most are boosted.

As far as extended family, my husband’s nephew had it a few months ago, he’s fine (not vaccinated). An aunt of my husband in Mexico caught it and died before vaccines were available.

I always wear a mask indoors, except for zumba class. I rarely go in stores to shop, maybe twice a month. I stop going to zumba and greatly reduce all indoor things when cases are high in my area. I almost never eat in restaurants, not even outside. Maybe I’ve eaten at a restaurant ten times since covid19 started.

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I believe Rick and I got it in Feb of 2020, but they weren’t testing for it then. I had a headache and I never get headaches. My chest started getting tight so I went to the ER. They said there was nothing they could really do and sent me home.
My son and his wife and all 4 kids had mild cases. Same with my middle child and 2 of her kids.

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Tested negative with a Binax home test kit. Then two days later tested positive with a PCR test. Been seven days since and about to use a different kind of home test today to see what’s up. Will also schedule another lab test soon. Asymptomatic all the way. Vaccinated and boostered.

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Never tested but pretty sure I had it. Husband is positive now but asymptomatic.
We are fully vaxxed and boosted.

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I’ve never had Covid. I’ve never had a Covid test. I’ve had both vaccines but no booster. My teen daughter has had both vaccines.

A lot of people I know had it. I worked in local government with about 4000 other people (not including police and Corrections), not all in the same building of course, and there were a lot of “coworkers” who had it, and a few that died, the most recent just about a week ago. My hairdresser had it (early 20’s, had vaccines), some friends had it (vaccinated), too many to remember this past go-round because I’ve heard of so many friends and friends of friends and relatives of friends that had it, I can’t remember them all.

What am I doing to stay safe? Limiting travel, although I have tentative plans to visit family in Florida in February and not sure whether I’ll fly or drive). Have only been to the movies once since Covid started. Haven’t been to any theater or large parties or gatherings since Covid started. I retired this past summer 2020 so that greatly limits my involuntary exposure. I do go to restaurants and I do go shopping, with a mask 50/50 of the time. We did take a train to the city (NYC), twice, and we have had some hotel stays. If I’m going out to run errands, I try to have some days out and some days where I’m totally home.

I take a shower when I come home from being in public places, which nobody on TV had recommended but when I told my doctor that I do it, he told me he does the same and he’s all for it and he does the same. The “night” shower, I’m not washing my hair, just everything else.

As far as washing my hands goes, I always was into washing my hands with soap and water. I was never into anti-bacterial soap and still am not, and still don’t use hand sanitizer unless I’m someplace where they make me use it.

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Until last week, I hadn’t been near anyone known to have it. My required tests came back negative. I’ve been vaxxed and boosted.

Now I’ve been exposed to someone who tested positive 4 days after we had a coffee date. I’m feeling symptoms now. They’re a lot like a mild cold but subtly different, or else I’m just hyperaware of them.

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@Jeruba Sorry to hear symptoms are starting. Hoping it’s not covid.

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I had Covid about a year ago…Feb of 2021. I had one night of feeling bad heat/chills, sometimes at the same time. No fever…ever. Went and got tested the next day and was positive. Isolated in the house as best I could. The second night I had more heat/chills but not as bad as the first night. After that…nothing. I had a burning in my nose for a day or so…nothing else. My step son got it about 8 days later and my wife got it about 10 days after that. No serious symptoms unless you count my wife losing her sense of taste and smell. We are not vaccinated and at the time vaccines were not available for us yet.

Quite a few people at work have tested positive over the past couple weeks. None of them were severe symptoms and most were vaccinated.

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No. But I probably wouldn’t know it even it I was infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

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I have managed so far to avoid it for two years (knocking on wood). I’ve avoided it I think mainly by living in an area with high vaccination rates and low transmissions (I’m vaccinated and wear a mask when required but I don’t think those are the main factors). We were never overwhelmed by the virus here the way many parts of the country have been. I also have done minimal traveling and avoid crowds.

I have friends and co-workers who have had it; no one in my immediate family has had it.

Despite all this, I still believe that we will all eventually get it at some point.

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I am vaccinated and boosted. As far as I know, I have not been infected.

I work in an Amazon warehouse. Every day we get messages stating that people in the building have tested positive. Omicron has made it much worse.

Lots of co-workers have been out with covid. Many, many more than a year ago

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I have not had it. I have been very cautious since March of 2020. I have not eaten in a restaurant since before the “lockdown” started in March of 2020.

When I found out masks were a good defense, I started wearing them, and I switched up to double masking when that was advised, and now I double mask with a Kn95, but I have made a very big effort to stay away from most people, except for my immediate family inside my household. We are vaxxed and boosted.

In the beginning, in addition to masking and social distancing when I occasionally went to Target (the better option for space to distance, and having products we use) I would, and still do steer clear of people as much as possible, and only use the self checkout. I sanitize the cart too. I used to sanitize all of my items before the vaccines. I use a clean mask on each outing. I spray my shoes with Lysol after an outing to the store or a doctor visit.

I am at the point now, where I most likely will start doing the curbside delivery again and stay out of the store. I also order from Amazon. I don’t do takeout. I cook or or use pre-packaged food.

A friend and I share the contents of a weekly farm box delivery. She drops off my half, and either drops and drives, or stands in the driveway when I open the door, and we talk, always masked and distanced. We do not have people in our house, except for a few times by my brother, SIL, and nephew after the initial 2 vaccines when it seemed “safe” It doesn’t seem safe now, even though we are all vaxxed and boosted.

I have lost 4 friends to Covid. My produce sharing friend has lost 12 friends and family members. Her MIL who is currently in a nursing home in hospice had Covid in December of 2020 before there were vaccines to be had. It spread rapidly through the nursing home. She has received 4 phone calls after that, saying her MIL has been exposed to Covid. And my friend can’t go in there because it’s off limits due to Covid. It’s rampant in the schools here.

2 days ago, my friend’s cousin, aged 47, with no underlying health issues, vaxxed and boosted, died of Covid. Two weeks ago, against better advice, she and her family went on a group skiing trip, and caught Covid from one of their companion’s children who was sick. That family had been to at least one Xmas gathering where they mostly likely got it, doing the math and timing. It’s been a harsh couple of days.

Over the last two months, I have had 3 friends who got Covid. All 3 live in different cities from me, so I had no contact with them. Two of them were very sick, and one had no symptoms to report. All were vaxxed, but each of them had not yet gotten their boosters.

I have 3 relatives who are avid anti-vaxxers (who are smart enough to know better, but follow the Trump/Qanon train) and one who is just dumb as a stump and probably thought Covid was a new type of cola. All 4 of them caught it, and my aunt had to be hospitalized, but thankfully survived. The other 3 got very sick, but survived.

I have another close friend in another state whose husband had Covid last year. I didn’t know that until recently. I got the feeling that they were not practicing much of the Covid safety protocol, and for some reason, even though they were eventually vaxxed, got them much later than I did, and after the hubby had already gotten Covid. I think she didn’t mention it to me at the time, because I have been very upfront with everyone I know about my stance on Covid safety protocol. Too many people that I know are way to lax. I see people on FB inside bars and restaurants, and theaters, going to plays and concerts and sporting events and holiday parties and birthday parties all unmasked. It makes me shudder to see it.

We have avoided all family parties and events since March of 2020. We don’t travel. We don’t go to movies, or any other entertainment venues. I exercise daily at home. I don’t go to a gym or any classes, because of other people. I don’t swim in our community pool.

I found out last night that one of my neighbor’s fathers, who has Alzheimers and lives in a nursing facility in another state, has Covid, presumably caught from an employee.

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@Call_Me_Jay, do most of them come back?

@Kardamom, what a story. I was afraid it was going to end with your saying you got it anyway. I surely hope that does not happen.

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I realized I haven’t answered the questions. Plus, I have an interesting aside to add.

Did you get it? No

Did someone close to you get it? Yes, my children who all live on the mainland.

Are you vaccinated? Are the people close to you vaccinated? I am vaccinated and so are all my children.

How did you fare? Of the people close to you who got it, how did they fare? Were they very sick, or was it mild? My children all reported relatively minor symptoms that cleared up in a few days.

If you haven’t caught it, what steps are you taking to stay safe? I am doing low-level safe things. I’m still meeting up with vaccinated friends regularly. I’m going to movies when I can ascertain that the venue is safe. I eat out at restaurants, and each time I’m not worried. The restaurant is relatively empty. In short, I’m being what I consider smart about my acitivities.

Interesting aside: I chose to forego a regular event that I’ve been to many times during the pandemic. It is an evening of live music at an extremely large house. The room where they perform is easily 3000 square feet (278 square meters). In the past, everyone was usually masked. I happen to know that some in attendance were unvaccinated. I decided not to go last night, because I can’t be sure the unvaccinated will keep their masks on all the time. I found out the music organizer himself tested positive for covid this morning. I made a lucky decision.

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No I haven’t gotten it yet. My fiancé has had it twice, probably with both variants. I am vaccinated, and so is my fiancé. Second time was worse than the first time. When it started to go away, I noticed how much energy he had. I don’t go anywhere but work, but I wear a mask when I need to.

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@Jeruba Yes, my co-workers come back. Usually, I realize I haven’t seen someone recently and learn about the covid when they return.

Amazon gives paid time off for covid infectees to quarantine. It was 2 weeks, recently shortened to 1 week. It’s a smart incentive to help reduce the spread.

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My test after recent exposure came back negative, so I guess I haven’t had it (yet). Whew.

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@Jeruba so glad to hear that!

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