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Would you ever kiss a wolf?

Asked by ragingloli (49946points) January 17th, 2022

Like this lady does?

Can you imagine all the germs?

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Nope, no interest. Don’t know what butt that tongue last licked

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Gotta love adventerous women! And actually, yes – I’d kiss on the first date. ‘Cos you can never have too many friends ;P

Besides, I’ve gone farther & risked worse with humans who were definitely not Alpha
material. There’s also some reseach that shows healthy canine/wolf saliva has healing properites :

So no harm done. Unless they want a committment…

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I kiss my dog so I’d kiss a wolf. (I did not look at the video.)

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You would have to be howling mad.

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I would, if she initiated the kiss.

However, I draw the line at Komodo and commode dragons. ;-(p

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Um no, she must love them a LOT.

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No tongue contact.

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What do you suppose she had in her mouth or put on her tongue to make the wolf go at her as if she were a meal? Wolfnip?

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I had a wolf kiss me, but I did not reciprocate. A gator kissed me once, but just a little nip on the jaw. I kissed a moose on the nose. I’ve kissed a few parrots, because so fun. I kissed a llama at our zoo a few times, which is particularly weird because of the split lip. It was being moody, and I wanted to get it to interact nicely.

But what that woman is doing, with eight inches of tongue down her throat, one step away from beastiality. Ew!

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No, but I’d fuck one

for legal purposes, this is a joke

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I might let one lick me. I love wolves, but I wouldn’t actually kiss one myself.

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No, but I wouldn’t let any animal kiss me like that. But I’m impressed as hell that they ended up calmly laying around her. The Wolf Whisperer.

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Why would I want to?

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Any better way to build a shoulder shrug?

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