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Now that "Eternals" is available on streaming, what is your opinion on the film?

Asked by ragingloli (49946points) January 17th, 2022

Upon release, it received mixed reviews, with many calling it “boring”.
I thought it was one of the better MCU films, and I certainly did not find it boring. I would describe it more as ponderous.
I usually have the problem, as I am sure many others have, that I get easily distracted from a film when watching at home, but not with this one. I was invested during the entire runtime.

What I liked about the film, was that it is not just a film about “family”, because frankly, that has been done to death, but it is primarily an examination of the question:
Is Humanity good or evil? Is Humanity worth saving?
It is this question that drives the ‘family’ of the Eternals apart, with several scenes highlighting the atrocities that humans commit against each other, culminating with the scene of Phastos wailing among the fresh and burning embers of Hiroshima, concluding that Humanity is indeed not worth salvation.
The group ultimately decides to stop the destruction of Earth, not because Humans as a species deserve to live, but only the potential of individuals to do good has earned Humanity a second chance, a conclusion resulting not only from the actions of the Avengers and their defeat of Thanos, but the personal experiences that the Eternals had with individual humans, not the least of which being Phastos getting married and adopting a child.
The theme of Humanity’s worthiness continues to the very end of the film, when Arishem proclaims, that he will return one day to judge the human race.

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I have so little interest in MCU films, that I am not interested in even knowing what it is.

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It’s an odd film for Marvel.
Not only do they mention Batman and Superman, the used actors who played Jon Snow and Rob Stark professing love for a character named Sersi, which was odd for Game Of Thrones fans.
I didn’t like the concept or the casting. It did have good special effects, but I need more than that.
The worst part, though, was at the end credit where it said “The Eternals will return.”

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Didn’t realize it was available streaming now. I’ll watch.

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I thought it was extremely mediocre, but I quite enjoyed the third act. The movie would’ve worked much better if they focused on two or three characters, with the rest as interesting supporting characters. And I especially would’ve loved it if the film was told through the perspective of Druig. I loved his character.

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@rockfan Well, if you enjoyed the third act taht’s an improvement. IMO that’s where Marvel movies really fail. It ends up always being people flying around shooting laser beams out of their eyes.

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Well, they are superhero movies, so that’s kind of expected isn’t it? But I think the majority of MCU films balance the action really well. Especially Iron Man, Winter Soldier, No Way Home, Civil War, and Doctor Strange.

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I enjoyed it more than a lot of other MCU movies. I can see why people thought that the movie dragged, but I think the movie was a lot of set up for future movies, which Marvel seems to do a lot.

Also, there were so many characters that the film felt a bit muddled.

I’m waiting for the next one to see Harry Styles as Starfox.

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Not excited anymore with the questions raised in the story. Is humanity worth saving and the answer is the same. Yes because there are still good people out there. Seen that already in Lord of the Rings with Sam, that movie with Keanu Reeves as an alien and one other film I can’t recall right now.

Also tired of watching super beings being fast, shooting energy projectiles, punching behemoths, vanishing and most of all…getting amnesia.

I don’t know. I just hate digital movies digitally projected. lol

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It was way too freakin long and way too freakin boring. I received nothing of any social redeeming value out of it. I expected nothing from it then received even less than expected. My daughter loved it or I would have hit the stop button

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