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Is it safe to drink expired beer?

Asked by SergeantQueen (12383points) January 17th, 2022

3rd thing I have bought from this place that expired April or June of 2021. What the hell

It’s a German Pomegranate beer. It was 2 bucks, so not so concerned because it’s cheap shit.

Should I still drink it?

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Yes. It’s safe. It just may not taste as good. Bad beer is undrinkable. And even bad beer isn’t “bad” for you. It just tastes terrible.

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Shouldn’t hurt you, but may not taste as fresh or good. Most things have expiration dates, but some really are best buy dates. I really would talk to the store for selling it that old though!

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I told the store about the other drinks I bought that were expired.

I will have to call tomorrow and tell them to check the beers as well!

It’s not their fault, the vendors are doing something wrong.

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Check the date before you buy it ! ! !

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Okay good. Even if they are somehow getting expired product, it is their fault for selling it, they should not be having it on the shelves.

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@Tropical_Willie Yeah, I don’t know why I didn’t think to.

Guess I was just not thinking I’d find stuff expired by almost a year. I work retail, and we pull stuff the day before it expires, and we do check vendor stuff. So I just assumed they were similar.

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I found a can of beer buried in the sand at the beach that was intact but many years old, once. I thought of it as an amusing artifact and called it “beach beer”, but I tossed it eventually without opening it. It was some American cheap beer I would not have wanted to drink fresh.

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Supposedly it won’t be as good as fresh. I honestly cannot tell the difference between old beer and new. .

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It’s safe as long as the container has never been opened.

FYI- Those expiration dates are for silly people who throw out perfectly good food because they fear it went bad. Then people buy more which makes the producers more money!

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I know of people who drank a little original “World’s fair” beer from 1982 as a stunt when they remade and reissued the said beer in around 2017. If you are around Knoxville this now 40 year old beer regularly shows up at estate sales unopened.

On the subject of beer age it has a sweet spot depending on what it is. You actually want to age freshly brewed beer for best flavor but it does peak and then declines with age. Some beer needs to be consumed almost right away and some should be aged 20+ years! The swill most Americans drink needs to be consumed almost right away or it will get “skunky.” Fresh Budweiser and old Budweiser taste very different.

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It’s safe. It just may not taste the way it’s supposed to.

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Depends on your personal tolerance. Some people can drink expired beer and be fine, others get diarrhea.

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