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What is a good name for my brand?

Asked by jonetsu123 (4points) January 18th, 2022


So, I want to start a service-based fashion company where I would provide:

Personal shopping: This is for people that already know their style and don’t have time to shop so I shop for them whether it’s just for lifestyle or for a certain event, trip, date, etc.

Makeover/Rebranding/Enhancement: This would be a service for people who don’t know what style they should rock,( or always saw it online but aren’t sure how to dress or if it will fit) or would like to switch it up because of a milestone (Turning 25, turning 30, starting their own brand, want a fresh start in life) and they give me the artistic freedom to enhance their look!

Since shopping is a very vulnerable experience, (since we tie our body image to our identity) I want to incorporate for recurring clients “feel goods:” This is when I will incorporate self-awareness, self-identity, and self-love exercises, where we change our mindset about our body “flaws” learn how to accentuate them, and build confidence; if you feel crappy on the inside, you cant appreciate what you wear on the outside.

Here are some things about me to consider for an iconic name – not sure if these will help but here it goes!

My name is Passion. I lowkey call myself Jonetsu (spelled Jonet Su or Jonet Sue) because that’s how my name is pronounced in Japenese. I love eccentric, eclectic, audacious, bold fashion. I love the word iconic. I live in Atlanta, Georgia. my slogan will be: When you look good, you feel good, when you feel good, you do good. Period. (tell me what you think about it.)


Authenticity, audaciousness, owning your shizz

Self-awareness, self-improvement, self-confidence.

Self-celebration, upliftment

curiosity, Innovation, vision!

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