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In any way or In any case?

Asked by nnnnn111 (6points) January 18th, 2022

’‘But have you ever asked yourself where your next meal is coming from, who’s growing it, and whether it’s actually good for you? In any———, for a great many people food isn’t simply an issue of staying alive.’’ I think the right answer in this exercise is ’‘case’’, but what do you think, could ’‘way’’ also be correct to write?

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I would say case.

“In any case” or “either way” not “in any way”

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The reality for a great….

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You would need to say “Any way” or “In any case”; “in any way” is not correct.

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When you are hungry you would almost definitely wonder where the next meal is coming from but it is unlikely you would wonder or care where it was grown.

Having been in situations like this and even worse had three children to feed and managed to scrape enough food together to feed my children but go without my self.

This was in the 70s but not much has changed over 50 years on there are still parents in the same boat, just enough money to feed their children but not themselves.

We are advised to eat 5 fruit and 5 veg a day but many people simply cannot afford the cost

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