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AAPL - What price would you buy more at?

Asked by rawpixels (2655points) September 15th, 2008

Apple’s stock has been getting crushed lately, along with the broader market. I’d like to buy more shares, but I’m afraid that it may go much lower in the near future. Any opinions? What price would you jump in at?

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depends on how long you’re willing to wait, it’s being held back by the market and the probable recession that we are in. I’m buying more if it cracks 80, but 100 is pretty safe too.

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The end is not near.

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Apple’s stocks will rebound…eventually. If you think its going to go lower wait a bit and then buy. But if your looking for a short term investment look elsewhere.

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Track the chart. You don’t have to buy at the lowest point. You just need to buy when it is obvious that it is making a rebound. Say a steady week of gains would be a good time to jump in. You wont make as much, but you probably wont lose anything in the short term.

At least that is how I usually do it.

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Another trick to hedge your risk is to not buy all at one time. Space it out into 6 purchases over six weeks (or however long). Then you get out of the timing game and into the long term holding game.

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I’m definitely not looking to invest short term. I’ve had Apple shares since 2005, and have a lot of confidence in the brand. I use their computers and I have an iPhone. I’m looking to hold for the long term. I believe once this economy eventually turns around, Apple will be a huge winner.

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Sometime around 2017 or so the Dow will be back at 11000 again….

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