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What dishes do you think would be good made with walnut oil?

Asked by JLeslie (62396points) January 19th, 2022

My cardiologist says I should consume more omega 3 when eating oils. Olive oil is heavy in omega 6, which supposedly is not as good, so I need to replace some of my olive oil intake with something else. I googled and found out walnut oil has omega 3, and that interested me, I figured it would be good in some salads. What other ideas do you have for the walnut oil, and have you ever used walnut oil?


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Pumpkin soup is good with some walnut oil.

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Stir fry might be interesting if you used walnut oil. I also consulted Yummly and came up with an interesting sounding one: Arugula Spinach Spread.

½ cup walnuts
¼ cup walnut oil
1 cup arugula
1 cup spinach
2 tbsp roughly chopped sweet onion
1 tsp lemon juice
⅓ cup of cream
½ tsp red chili flakes
2 tbsp water

Put the walnuts into a blender and pulse on CHOP 4 or 5 times.

Add the remaining ingredients and process on the next higher setting until mixture begins to get creamy.

It sounds like it would be a nice spread on toast or even on crackers or something like that.

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You can get walnut butter at Whole Foods, quite tasty. I have used walnut oil when cooking some fish stir fries, like shrimp.

Almond oil is also rich in omega 3s. I eat almond butter all the time rather than peanut butter.

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I would think it could be used in making pesto which can be a pasta sauce or a spread.

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Anything involving relatively high heat is not so good with walnut oil because of it’s low smoke point.

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I use oil so infrequently that I don’t worry too much about the kind I buy. I keep the smallest bottle of olive oil and canola oil in the pantry and often throw them out because of date. If you are most interested with omega-3 content, try flaxseed oil.

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@SnipSnip I don’t use a lot of oil either and often have to toss it near the end of the bottle because it goes rancid. I try to buy small bottles of the stuff.

I was told by the doctor about flaxseed also. It wasn’t in stock when I was shopping (online, and online it doesn’t show it’s available if there are only a few or none in the store) but I’ll look again in the future. Thanks!

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I saw bottles of flaxseed oil next to corn oil and olive oil at the supermarket yesterday. I thought it odd because I hadn’t seen it before.

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With a smoke point of 320F, I wouldn’t cook with it. A quick google search shows that it is good in salads and soups. I love the pesto idea.

I don’t like the taste of flaxseed oil, myself.

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@Cupcake I could probably combine it with another oil too. Would it work for baking? Like making brownies?

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