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Why use facial recognition to unlock iPhone instead of digital code?

Asked by gondwanalon (21024points) January 20th, 2022

What are the good aspects of iPhone facial recognition?

Yesterday I bought an iPhone 13 because the battery life of my iPhone 6 was less than 2 hours. The sales woman at the Apple Store seemed surprised that I didn’t want to use the facial recognition feature of the iPhone.

I’d rather not use facial recognition. I prefer to use my 6 digit code. Why? Truthfully it seems weird to me. Also in public we are all wearing masks now and likely will forever. I suppose that removing the mask in public could cause exposure to the SARS-CoV-2 virus to be an issue.

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I was reluctant, but I did it with my new phone. It’s actually really nice to not have to key my passcode when I’m looking at the phone.

If the phone can’t read your face it just asks for your passcode.

I’m pretty sure you can cancel it if you wind up not wanting it after trying it.

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Pure convenience.
I would never do that.
I would not use the fingerprint feature either.

If a malicious actor, like a criminal or the government, wants to gain access to your phone, it will be easy for you to deny them the password/pin.
But it will be very difficult for you to stop them from forcing your finger onto the phone, or forcefully holding your face in front of it, to unlock it.

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@ragingloli Thanks. I didn’t think about criminal activity.

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@ragingloli The second they start pulling my fingernails or breaking my bones to get my password, I will give it to them.

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I thought it was for greater privacy since no one could replicate your face. I’m not sure if I’d want to use it or not though.

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I used to think like @ragingloli on it, but then I decided I’d break anyway as @chyna said. I don’t do any banking on my phone.

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Because you want someone to be able to unlock your phone by showing it a picture of you, or by them holding it up to your face?

The feature I would want, would be a guarantee that the device will NOT try to face-ID nor fingerprint-ID anyone without explicit permission each time.

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I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use the facial recognition, but now when I am in public and want to use my phone, I find it a hassle to put in the code, rather than lowering my mask.

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@filmgan What about just using your finger? That way you don’t need to pull your mask down.

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On Android you can also use a connected Bluetooth device to unlock your phone.
For example a wireless headphone.
When a thief then wants to enter your phone (in case they steal it from you and tell you to unlock it) you simply close your headphone (power off).
They won’t have a clue as to how to open it!
Edit to clarify: said Bluetooth device has to be in close proximity of the phone.

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There are none.

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I disable all that crap. Passcode only for me.

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