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Do you think that screenless households exist?

Asked by elbanditoroso (31343points) January 20th, 2022

Other than Amish communities in the US, do you think that there are households that:

- have no TV
– have no computers (desktop, laptop, etc.)
– have no cell phones / mobile phones / tablets

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Maybe but highly unlikely.

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I’ve read that Chip and Joanna Gains of HGTV’s Fixer Upper, do not have a television and they have 5 kids. Hmmm, maybe that’s why they have 5 kids!

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I know of some families who don’t have televisions. And other families where the kids don’t have tablets or phones.

But I don’t know of any that are entirely screenless.

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All families I know have computers or access to them. Wouldn’t have made it through the last year of remote school without them.

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Wait, I take that back. Didn’t take into account an adult living alone is one household.

Yes, I know of households that are screenless.

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I live in an area where many retired residents don’t have computers, cell phones, or televisions, but I haven’t seen that in a community, though I suppose it could be that was on Indian reservations.

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I was fairly screenless, by choice, when my kids were growing up in the mid 90s to mid 2000.
Had a TV but no cable. Just used it for VHS tapes.
Had a computer but no internet.
I couldn’t afford to give my kids cell phones.
I had a cell phone because I worked for CellOne, but we mainly used the landline.

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You didn’t specify, but if you’re referring just to the U.S., I would guess there are a few, but outside the U.S. I’d guess there are hundreds of thousands.

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Yes. My family includes a few.

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The Amish would have no screens. I believe Mennonites would be the same.

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In the US? Absolutely yes, some houses don’t have one or the other. Not having all three is probably very rare though.

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Households in the witness protection program have no screens

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^And how do you know this? From experience?

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I’d hope not. Seems like a dull life. We got the grands an X Box and games for Christmas and they stay pretty much glued to it. Unless we have a family movie/game night. My wife
likes TV, I haven’t been a big fan since I was a kid. But I like my internet and I have some historical strategy pc games my grand sons and I enjoy.

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No duller than the 60s and 70s @Nomore_Tantrums. Which as I remember, were WILD!

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Agreed @Dutchess_III How soon we forget huh? ; )

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