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Is cuteness in young animals an evolutionary advantage?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (20368points) January 20th, 2022

Like the opposite where a spider gets smooshed for being ugly?

Humor welcome:

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No. Other animals eat young animals because they’re hungry. It’s a basic survival thing, not about being cute.

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Do animals even have the concept of ‘cuteness’?

Does a wolf NOT eat a bunny because it’s cute? I doubt it. It eats it indiscriminately.

Does an a chimpunk NOT get picked up and eaten by a hawk because it’s cute? No way.

If anything, being small and cute makes the young animal an easier meal to catch.

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Of course. For members of their own (social) species, what we call “cuteness” signals helplessness and triggers caring, nurturing behaviours.

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Being cute is an advantage. I was an ugly young kid and suffered for it
Baby humans aren’t so cute. HA!
Most baby non human animals are cute.
What’s more adorable than a baby elephant?

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I think so. I always say the babies suck you in with their cuteness and then you are taking care of the animal another 15 years. With human babies it could easily be 22 years.

Insects don’t need to be taken care of, they are ready to go practically at the time of birth.

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If babies weren’t cute, we’d probably be extinct. :P

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