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What is an appropriate use of personal power?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (20368points) January 22nd, 2022

Or it mostly wrong to use?
Humor welcome.

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8 Answers

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Opening a pickle jar.

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Getting a “stuck” window open.

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Communicating and asserting your boundaries.

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Use your smile to make someone’s day.

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Just for today, doing someone a good turn, and not getting found out; if anyone knows of it, it will not count.

Do two things you don’t want to do, just for the exercise.

Don’t show anyone your feelings are hurt. They may be hurt but don’t show it.

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Telling an ex-friend that I didn’t want to send a video tribute for her husband’s birthday.

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Staying up or going to bed whenever I feel like it.

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Saying “No.”

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