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What personal success left you with long term positive feelings?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (20368points) January 22nd, 2022

Other than feeling empty?

From my previous question.

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My success in teaching literature to adult learners.

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Accomplishing meaningful goals that are not simply ego driven exercises don’t leave one empty afterwards.

If they leave you empty afterwards, they were not meaningful goals.

I have accomplished many things that were personal goals, most notably for me, raising two kids that have succeeded on their own and are contributing to society.

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Designing a part numbering system for a major aircraft engine manufacturer. Used in a newly engineered jet engine 40 years ago. It included use of experimental parts, when made in a production department, to be used for normal production requirements. It saved the company almost 15 million dollars. Got a nice thank you letter from engineering VP.

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Learning to read in the 4th grade. My life was pure pandemonium and nothing made sense before that.

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I have always felt that my biggest personal success was keeping my wife content and happy for over forty years. I’m surprised she didn’t run my ass off years ago. But two kiddos and five grands, plus two great grands later we are still together. I am far too happy with life to feel empty. : )

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Owning and operating my own business.

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Keeping my long ago pledge to be happy every day.

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Being able to help my mom as needed makes me incredibly happy. Whether that’s emotional, physical or financial, I’m grateful for these precious years with her.

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Finishing school. Never being in debt. Happy kids. Being happy regardless.

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My years in college and my STEM outreach activities have given me long term positive feelings.

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Completing goals.
Wrote self published books .( tried different types of books using free site).
The creative process is what intreques me always learning new skills, trying new ideas etc

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