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What are the differences between iPad, iPad Pro, and iPad Air?

Asked by JLeslie (62396points) January 22nd, 2022 from iPhone

I tried to Google and look at the Apple website, but for the life of me Apple is never easy for me.

I’m just trying to figure out if it’s worth paying extra for the more expensive ones.

My husband watches youtubeTV on it, and plays some games. A few other apps, nothing much.

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Sounds like all he “needs” is the base model iPad ($329). Here is a comparison that you were looking for. Unless your husband were looking to do significant work with the Apple Pencil and other CPU-intensive tasks, the cheapest model is more than he needs. The base iPad is not a laminated display, meaning that there is a visible gap that makes artist-level pencil work difficult (plus, the base iPad is only compatible with the first generation Apple Pencil).

Disclaimer: I do not have any of these or any Apple products. But I had a 2nd-gen iPad many years ago, and have had to research these fairly recently for relatives.

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The summary is that the Air is the light and thin one, which isn’t as technically capable, but is probably still plenty for most things, and the Pro is more technically capable and expensive.

The one place where there might be a technical barrier would be a game. Find the most technically demanding game your husband would want to play, and look up and compare it’s system requirements.

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