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Is humor important in your life?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (21179points) January 23rd, 2022

Just wondering?

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I’m very hard to please though.
Few American comedians can charm me.
Dutch, very rarely can anyone.
British, a few.
In general, I can say the rougher the better, and the deeper/more ‘difficult’ the better.

George Carlin.

Stewart Lee
Frankie Boyle

But even watching them I get bored pretty often.
I guess I like the short pieces better than whole shows.
Apart from Lee.

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@Blackwater_Park you must lose your lunch over the Teletubbies.

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@SQUEEKY2 Absolutely!! Indispensable and irreplaceable!

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We actually watch a lot of stand up, so yes. Maybe more now than pre-Covid.

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Air, food, water, shelter, humor.

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Yup. Absolutely.

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It is crucial to my well being.

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This is an extremely interesting question. And hard to answer. I definitely appreciate humor, but I actually get more out of the cathartic experience of listening to bittersweet and sad music

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Yes as it helps to see the bright sunny humorous in most situations.
Its a great stress releaser.

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My go-to defense mechanism.
I admit it has been tested over the last two years.

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That’s no shit @filmfann. Especially yours.

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Btw, I just saw Chaplin’s “The Circus” movie for the first time. It’s now my second favorite after The Gold Rush. Freakin Chaplin’s a genius,

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@mazingerz88 Have you seen City Lights? I think it’s his best!

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^^Will check it out later. I remember watching a scene in one of his films where he performed on a public statue. It has a pretty good love story too. Another Chaplin masterpiece. Maybe that’s City Lights?

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@mazingerz88 That’s it! Blind flower girl, mistaken identity. 3rd best film ever made!

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Did you see the doucmentary of Chaplin?
It explained from WHERE he got those ideas.

He developed this after a lifetime of observing real life situations and incorporating it into a comdey routine.

Link: A good rendition showing his life

. An example the odd way of him walking with both feet horizontal was taken from a memory of his of observing a disabled old man walking.

Sad but Chaplin made it in a funny context.

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^^I know about that docu but uncertain if I want to know more about how or what made him tick. I saw the Robert Downey film-bio and with all the laughter he generated his own life seems to have been more sad than happy. I can only guess that sadness is what propelled his genius in creating comedy. And more importantly, heart in his tales.

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@Inspired_2write Chaplin’s childhood was as tragic and heartbreaking as any Dickens character. His humor was definitely his defense mechanism.

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Oh yes that is the same one that I saw on TV with Robert Downey playing Chaplin.

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The new documentary is called The Real Charlie Chaplin and it’s on Showtime.

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