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Do you sleep better (more deeply) if your sheets and pillowcases match?

Asked by elbanditoroso (31337points) January 24th, 2022

If so, why? Does homogeneity in pattern soothe you?

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Yes, because I’m gay.

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No, because I’m straight.

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Yes because I’m a girly girl.

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By matching, do you mean they’re all the same? Or just that they go together?

I like it when my bed linens are complementary. I just now put on a purple fitted sheet and an aqua topsheet, with pillowcases of both colors. Just before that, they were sapphire blue and silver gray. Sometimes I use three colors, sometimes as many as five or six. They’re all from the same series, with a mottled water-color design. I have sets in various colors, but I like to mix them. The colors lift my spirits.

I’m not looking at them when I’m asleep, though. And if I could have sheets as crisp as hotel sheets, I might not mind if they were all white.

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I rarely use either. I have lots of pillows, and a fleece blanket that I wash once a year or as needed. Sheets fell on the floor and kicked into a corner last year and I don’t care enough to find them and put on my mattress.

I ordered two lavender coloured queen sized pillowcases for $13 and free shipping. Will get them around March.

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No, I give very thought to “sheet fashion”.

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@RedDeerGuy1, but you can wash the sheets. You can’t wash a bare mattress.

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I’m not tall enough to see them.

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Yes, it’s soothing.
During my mom’s recovery last weekend, I changed her to pure white linens and blanket, just to bring beauty and comfort. Perhaps it’s just psychological but every little small joy matters.

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I always get a set of sheets together so it never occurs to me to not have them match.

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I could care less. My wife is more finicky about such things. I could zone out on a bare mattress and sheet if Im tired enough,

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I also sleep better if the the collars match the cuff to whoever is renting space in my bed.

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I haven’t noticed. Usually, they are part of the same set.

One bed linens set I have the decorative pillow case that matches the duvet is a different fabric from the pillow case that is the same as the sheets. I use both for sleeping, but usually I use the one that matches the sheets next to my head.

I also have flannel sheets, and one set of pillow cases match, and then I use regular woven cotton pillowcases also to set the bed. I haven’t considered that a mismatch beneath my head would matter.

Mostly, what I think about is if I’m falling asleep with make-up or a lotion on which fabric will clean better, or which fabric would I be more upset if I can’t get all of the make-up off.

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I purchsed matched sheet sets that have the matching pillowcases anyways.
I prefer a clean pillowcase no mater if it matches or not.
That is whay I have white pillowcases in case no matching pillow cases are available.

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No. Clean is another matter, tho, because I’m a straight gramma.

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Anyone else obsessed with good pillows? If sp, what’s your brand? Haha! (But really I love my Tommy Hilfiger extra long pillows.)

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In the last year, I bought four pillows at Costco – don’t know the brand name, but the medium hardness.

Great pillows! – and cheap, too.

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@elbanditoroso I need to find some good feather pillows, they’re the best.

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Chris, my son, ended up in a messy breakup long ago. He broke in through a window to rescue his feather pillow.

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I used to have to have matching textiles. It wasn’t the aesthetics. More so the differences in textures.

But my sensory issues (at least in that respect) seem to have mellowed out over time. Which is nice, since I actually like the aesthetic of mix matched sheets.

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@Dutchess_III What a great story!! Totally worth it, I bet. Haha!

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It’s a long story @KNOWITALL, going back to his childhood and my Momma.

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