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If you watch Jeopardy, how did you feel when Amy lost last night?

Asked by janbb (62669points) January 27th, 2022

I was surprised, shocked and disappointed. I wanted her to beat Ken Jennings’ streak. And it was a relatively easy final question (even though I didn’t get it.) I wonder if she was just tired. On the other hand, a seemingly unbeatable contestant must be frustraing for other contestants.

Anyway, how did you feel about it?

Putting this in General so answers like “I never watch that stupid show” will be flagged as off-topic.

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I was disappointed and felt like she was just done. You heard she got mugged didn’t you?

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^^ Yes, I had heard that. Very sad. I really enjoyed watching her play.

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It seems like all of the long-timers eventually just get tired, lose interest, and either lose on purpose, or just don’t care.

I think money and glory are really great motiovators for contestants early in their stints, but after you’ve made your first couple hundred thousand dollars, it’s a chore. And you can’t tell anyone about it until it airs.

As a sporadic viewer, I would rather see variety (with 1–2 week streaks maximum) than someone who is on for months at a time.

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I liked it better when you couldn’t play more than five days. This streak thing makes it boring.

And shouldn’t all responses on this thread be in the form of a question?

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I was also sad. I was pulling for her to beat Ken as well. Yes, I think she got tired and made poor choices of lower dollar questions.

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I had mixed feelings about it. It was nice to see her winning run but it didn’t seem fair to the other contestants when she just kept winning and winning. When Ken Jennings had his streak, I didn’t watch at all. Too boring.

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I think the show only allows domination for a distinct period or amount won. It seemed obvious when Matt Amodio lost too. The show may offer an amount of money to lose and go away or continue playing. Everyone in my house knew the answer to the one Amy lost and she didn’t appear shocked or surprised or sad at all.

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Boom – it was fun to watch. I was running around, working and watching, but at the first commercial break I told my wife to pay attention, because it was a strong field. By the final I made sure I’d paused and the kids were nearby. It was the end of a really fun run, and I’m so glad I got to share something awesome like that with my kids (especially after the Bills game). She’ll be back for Tournament of Champions, so watch out!

It was obvious for most of her run, like Jennings and other superchamps, that Amy was just in a class above the rest. Not better in every way, but like a professional versus amateurs. All champs are the inheritors of Kens crown, and each new champion pushes the levels of competition. Bravo to both of them.

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I wish I’d watched more regularly so I could understand.

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I don’t get emotionally attached to strangers I see on TV.

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@Chestnut – really? Then whats the point of TV at all? It’s strangers making stories for us to engage with.

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@Smashley Engage, sure. Get emotionally invested though? Not for me. Whomever is current Jeopardy! champion has no bearing on my day to day. Not too concerned about who’s currently hosting, neither. I use TV for entertainment, not to pretend those strangers appearing on are my friends.

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But competition, be it sport, or trivia, or scripted drama, is fun to watch because we feel things about the competitors. That’s how we use it for entertainment. You don’t have to identify with the players to feel things about them and their stories.

I don’t get it @Chestnut. Do you dislike all televised competition?

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