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How do you find a lawyer?

Asked by raum (11091points) January 27th, 2022 from iPhone

Besides word of mouth?

Is there a Yelp for lawyers?
(There’s a smattering of reviews on Yelp.)

A database to see how many cases they win?

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A long time ago, these guys were the gold standard. I would ask around to see if they still are.

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I have a way that has worked very well for me. I’ll PM you.

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Great question. I’ve found calling and speaking with the attorney directly to be effective. Often they may not be interested, but may know someone they believe to be a good fit.

Another tactic that is situationally dependent is calling up other people who are involved in the related specialty and seeing who they use. If many people use the same person, that’s a good one to reach out to. For example if you were into boats and needed a maritime lawyer, you could reach out to your boating friends to see who they use. If you’re looking for a criminal attorney, this obviously wouldn’t work.

Always discuss the fee structure and try to have them give you a ballpark guess for the number of hours they would expect in a best-case scenario and a worse-case scenario. They’re going to be deliberately vague on the number because it’s hard to forecast the unforeseen, but you can usually get them to throw out loose numbers by asking questions like how many hours have you seen with similar cases in the past? or you can throw out a ridiculous number and they’ll usually promptly dismiss is and bring you back into their range: “This isn’t going to be a $500,000 case is it?” “Oh, no, no, it’s usually $15,000 to $35,000.” They want to close the deal after all. I hope that helps.

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I don’t know, and won’t ask, why you need a lawyer, but a good start would be to seek out people who have had to deal with similar situations. Support groups are great! Ask them.
I say this, also, because lawyers have different specialities.

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Try the bar where you live. They can often recommend.

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@tinyfaery, you mean the state bar association, right?

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@Jeruba Perhaps tiny meant Cheers?

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Speaking of Bay Area bars, my niece was rejected by Boalt Hall and accepted by Harvard. ;-o

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@raum My nephew is a matrimonial lawyer in the Bay Area. Perhaps he could recommend someone in the field you are looking for. PM me if you want to.

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There are lots in the old fashioned Yellow Pages.

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Pro tip: The worst ones will usually find you.

To avoid that check out Martindale-Hubbard as @canidmajor suggested. Avvo and nolo websites are also useful.

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Call the Bar Association in your state for a referral.

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Yes. The state bar.

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Some offer free half-hour consultations.

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Thanks, everyone! I’ve forwarded along all suggestions. Really appreciate all of the replies. You guys rock.

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I don’t often need a lawyer; however, I have heard that this site is well rounded. They claim to have detailed profiles, but I’ve NEVER tested their knowledge. I think it is FREE to look.

Also in some areas, lawyers will give you the first hour for free in order to hear your problem & tell you what they can or cannot do to help you. That way they can feel you out as well as you can see for yourself what you think of them.

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