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Body hurts but no results from working out, why?

Asked by Kingx22 (24points) January 27th, 2022

I’ve been doing really intense upper body workouts and leg workouts. And my body hurts to the meatest of the meatest, I can barely walk and my arms are more so numb. But I see no results, I am still as jack as I was before. Is it because I havent took no rest days yet or do I got to wait.

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How long have you been at this? Results take weeks, if not months to occur. Definitely not a couple days.

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Plenty of protein and rest between !

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If you’re over exercising you may not see results. Gotta let yourself heal.

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@Kingx22, what does “to the meatest of the meatest” mean?

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It depends on both time and what your goal is. Obviously no matter what, it is going to take months before you see visible results. But your goal is important too- are you trying to increase muscle mass? Increase strength (they are too different things- you can have muscles that are large but useless, or muscles that are smaller but dense and able to lift heavy weight with more endurance) or are you trying to lose weight?

If you want to lose weight, then you need cardio- you could do a hundred sit-ups every day and not lose a single pound. Unless your heart rate is up, your body will never burn off fat.

Different exercises also do different things, so it is important to taylor your work-out to your specific goal.

Your body type/frame also plays a factor.

Genetics affect weight loss and muscle gain. Your metabolism, and thyroid also play major roles.

How much muscle you can naturally put on depends on your bone structure and texture- that is why all professional body builders have to rely on hormone supplements. Your body has pre-determined natural limits for how large or small it can be and still function properly. That is why we get horribly sick, tired, and our organs fail if we become too obese or too skinny. The same goes for muscles.

You also have to consider diet. You can’t grow muscles from nothing. You need to consume a sufficient amount of protein for your body to convert into muscles. You also need a certain amount of complex carbs to give your body the energy to do that as well as properly metabolize sugars and not just convert them into fat.

You also need to stretch before and after exercising, otherwise not only will you always be sore, but you will end up permanently damaging your muscles and will never see results.

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