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What are your favorite rides and things to do at Disney World?

Asked by JLeslie (65568points) January 28th, 2022 from iPhone

Rides, food, transportation, hotels, anything Disney.

I’ve been binging a little on the DisneyWorld YouTube’s.

Here’s a few, but you don’t need to watch them to answer the Q, I’m just providing a few links for anyone interested.

All thrill rides in a day:

Genie plus at Hollywood Studios:

Best and worst Animal Kingdom rides:

Food and Wine festival EPCOT:

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Only once was I at Disneyland Paris, and the only 2 things I remember are not being allowed to go on one of the rides because I was not tall enough, which made me super bummed, and I remember some kind of western themed area, where I climbed behind the sets.
I also got a Rescue Rangers plushie that I no longer have.

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I’d like to do the U-turn, after I’ve been forced to enter a Disney Park.
And kick Mickey in the nuts.
I’m not a fan.

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@ragingloli Have you been a child?

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Never had the money to go to Disney World.

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@Dutchess_III I would have thought as a young girl you might have gone since you lived two hours away. So much has changed, but some of the classic rides are still there.

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It’s been a couple of decades since I’ve been. Epcot was always my favorite park. I enjoyed exploring the fake countries and eating the fake foreign cuisine. As for the magic kingdom, Big Thunder Mountain, and Space Mountain were my favorite rides. Tom Sawyer’s Island and the Swiss Family Robinson’s treehouse were lots of fun as a kid. The original Pirates of the Caribbean was also a blast (I think I heard they’ve revamped it since the films?).

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My family took us to Epcot when I was like 10. It was neat and all but I remember registering just how expensive it was when we sat down at the McD’s there for a happy meal and I heard my dad’s bill. No desire to go back and they never took us back either.

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The closest I’ve been to Disney World in Florida was one time I was driving two business colleagues on a business trip, and I accidentally made a wrong turn that forced me into the giant funnel of roads that led there, so I had to do @rebbel ‘s favorite thing and do a U turn before actually entering.

When I was much younger, Disneyland (the original, in California) was a favorite, and I went several times. I haven’t been in a long time, but my favorites were:

* Just walking around exploring everyplace.
* Taking the various forms of free transportation through and around the place, from land to land, through buildings, etc. The People Mover, whatever the cars dangling from cables are, the train, the monorail, the raft to Tom Sawyer’s Island, etc.
* Wandering around Tom Sawyer’s Island.
* The (real) frozen orange juice bars.
* Discovering places like little restaurants and shops and obscure rides and minor features.
* The video arcade with some unique games like many-player giant tank battle and race games.
* The older rides that feel immersive and show you lots of neat things rather than being roller coasters: Journey Into Inner Space, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, the Haunted House, and Pirates of the Caribean (pre-Johny-Depp films).
* Back when they still had per-ride tickets, using the less popular old tickets that my family had stashed from earlier trips years before.

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@Zaku It seems that you like it much!
You didn’t kick Mick?!

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It wasn’t built until after we left Florida @JLeslie.

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I don’t think I have been on the new Pirates of Caribbean. I also don’t think I have been over to Tom’s Sawyer’s island. If I have been there, it was when I was very young and don’t remember it.

I love EPCOT! Especially the ride Soarin’. I went to see Turtle Talk with Crush for the first time a few years ago, I didn’t even know it existed until a friend told her son help create it. So cute!. It’s for young kids, but I really enjoyed it. Animal Kingdom when it first opened I was not bowled over, but now I think it is awesome! Hollywood Studios now has the new Star Trek area, which I have not been to yet. Magic Kingdom was kind of boring the last couple of times I went, so I have not gone back to that park in many years.

I love the skyliner, the new transportation, basically gondolas on high wires, like you see in mountain areas. I used to love the monorail; I have not been on it in several years. I remember it felt tight to me the last time I was on it. It was so cool when I was a kid and stopping at the Contemporary hotel station right in the center of the hotel.

Often times we don’t eat when we go. Food is very expensive and not always very good, although I have a few restaurants I really like a lot. One favorite is Ragland Road at Disney Springs. Food is great and they have free entertainment, Irish dancers and a live band.

The hotels on property have become so expensive, especially during peak season, it’s mind boggling. The inexpensive hotels are still affordable I guess, but the moderate to high end are so expensive I just cannot believe it.

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I’ve never been to Disney but a lot of my friends LOVE it. Like passionately.

Our local theme parks are okay for a day trip or weekend, but I don’t really care for them often.
Between our amazing sports teams, casino’s and concerts, mostly the super ‘square’ groups enjoy the theme parks.

We have Six Flags St Louis, we had Worlds of Fun in KC, and our beloved Silver Dollar City in Branson, Mo.

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LOVE Branson!! I discovered apple butter thanks to Branson.

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Never been there. I did have several trips to the one in California with my parents eons ago. Don’t remember much about the first trip, but I was in my early teens the second time, and I liked the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Way before the movie franchise was a thing. Also the Abraham Lincoln animatronics thing reciting the Gettysburg Address. Don’t recall much else. There was also a great roller coaster, but that might have been Six Flags or some other amusement park. Been a long time ago.

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And not everyone has the money to go. Crazy, that.

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Yup..Probably why I haven’t been there since I was a kiddo. Mom and Dad footed the bill : )

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My favorite thing to do at Disneyland? Club33. I’ve eaten there half a dozen times. Very exclusive.
Pirates of the Caribbean, Buzz Lightyear, Soarin’, The Haunted Mansion, The Jungle Cruise.
I also love just sitting on Main Street and just watching the joy on the faces on those entering the park.

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@rebbel Well I haven’t been to Disneyland in many years. I liked it when I was a kid. I wouldn’t kick someone for wearing a Mickey Mouse costume, but I am very unhappy with Disney Corporation as a greedy powermongering network of corporations, and as a maker of atrocious and aggressively-stupid Star Wars films.

I do think I would enjoy a post-Covid visit to original Disneyland, if mainly just to wander about and do some of the things I mentioned above, again. But I probably wouldn’t want to pay anywhere near what they now charge to get in… it used to be like $30 or something. What is it now, let’s see… $104. Yeah, probably not, even though that may be similar considering inflation.

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I’ve been once each to land and world. Both were decades ago.
I only got to go during my teens because my grandma was friends with someone who worked there. People who didn’t use up all their tickets would leave them at the gate, so she had stacks of partially used books. She gave a bunch to grandma, and that was almost half a century ago. There was a submarine ride, which was pretty cool. There were mermaids, live ones, swimming around. The sub had window ports all the way around. It was a short ride, but I enjoyed it.

There was some ride which reduces you to microscopic. That was pretty cool. Obviously, nobody would actually be fooled, but it was played out cool.

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@Patty_Melt Yeah, the Mighty Microscope one is the Journey Into Inner Space which I mentioned – my cousin and I would go on that even as teens because it was so retro-campy and likable, and it was one of those less popular tickets.

The submarine was cool, too, yes.

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I went to Disneyland Paris when I was ten, and it’s scary how little I remember. I enjoyed:

- walking down Main Street

- a candy store. I got to try licquorice root, as in sweet, chewy little sticks. I also bought a tin of candy, and I still have the tin.

- seeing a large paddle steamer

That’s it. I wish I remembered more. I’ll have to ask my sister.

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