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Is anyone living "Plan A"?

Asked by cookieman (39098points) September 15th, 2008 from iPhone

If you planned to be an Astronaut, Author, Acrobat or anything else in High School, did you succeed in becoming that thing?

Or are you living Plan B, or C?

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Ask me later.

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What comes after Plan Z? Not start over!

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Nah! I just sorta gave up on man kind.

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Plan A, for sure. But sometimes I wonder if I would have been better off with Plan C or D.

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I think I’m on plan Z.9469633567753…...

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There was a plan?

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Loser: Can you errr…decimalize a letter?

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I’m on at least Plan C, if not further along. “Want to make God laugh? Tell her your plans.” Can’t tell you who said it, but it has always fit my life.

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Never really had a plan. I’m using what I went to school for, if that helps.

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I’m living plan 9.

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@schenectandy: NICE!

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I’m glad I’m not living plan A, ‘cause in grade school I wanted to be a policeman. Those brave souls do NOT get paid enough, esp. today where it’s almost a badge of honor for a gang member to try and kill a cop. Then in high school I wanted to be a comedian. I’m sure I’d have fun doing it, but very few of those talented people make a decent living at it. (why do they always have to start out in bars or clubs?) I’m on my way to doing what I love, tho’.

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B, but….
I still haven’t found what I’m looking for….that song sung by BONO…everybody sing….

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Never had a plan to get to Plan A. Just a dream and no guidance on how to get there. So I just kind of “fell into” the career I’ve had. I did plan on being a mom though, & I am, so there’s that!

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augustian: good point. Career-wise I’m not “Plan A”, but family wise and friends wise, I’m very blessed indeed!

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I’m living plan A. I had pretty much given up, and had moved onto plan B, but somehow, it’s working out.

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A. But I am thinking about tweaking it a little towards something new.

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And I stiiiiiiiill haven’t founnnd, what I’m looking forrrrrrrr…

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Every November I revisit Plan A: Author. Last November I wrote an entire novel.

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Your question presupposes that the original plan was the best. I am not doing what I planned in middle school, but that is because I chose differently later.

I consider this my A game.

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I-I-I’m livin’ la vida loca!!!

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with the hot wax and all?

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I don’t know, I just can’t stop singing!!!

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so sorry to hear that – and thankful that I can’t.

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Living plan A-. I had a list of jobs I always wanted to have:
Reporter – did it
Publish in top national publication as a freelancer – did it
PR, advertising – doing it
VP of a company based in France – trying to get there…

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@lilyn: Good luck to you! Also, Is there any where on the web we can see your freelance work?

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