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Can someone please give me some computer help?

Asked by PrancingUrchin (1939points) September 15th, 2008 from iPhone

Recently, I switched my antivirus software (away from McAfee) and now I can not seem to get my wireless connection to work. My computer tells me that I’m connected to the network with an excellent connection but Firefox tells me to check my connection. I am not very knowledgible in this subject. Can someone please help me? I’m on a PC running XP.

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What new antivirus software did you get?

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Does Internet Explorer work?

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Most likely, your anti virus software’s firewall is blocking your firefox from accessing the internet.

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yeah. Let’s start small.
go to “start”>“run” and type in cmd (or windows key+r and cmd) and hit enter
then type in “ping” without the quotes.
let us know what it says.

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No, IE isn’t working either. It’s called Comodo. The connection goes from excellent connection to “limited or no connectivity.”
@tWrex, if I did it correctly, it hasn’t shown or said a thing :(

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Wait, it said “Ping request could not find host Please check the name and try again.

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I suggest removing all traces of your current anti-virus and installing either AVG Free or avast!.

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Oooooo… Comodo. Ouch. That is a beast of a firewall. A PITA to setup and to manage. If you’re not a techno nerd I would definitely stay away from it (I am and found it extremely frustrating to setup and to manage). PC Cillin costs 50 bucks and you get 3 licenses. Or go with @aidje’s suggestions. What ISP do you have? They may offer a free one. I know ATT, Comcast and Cox do for sure.

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Thanks everyone for the help. A simple restore did the trick. It put McAfee back on my machine but Comodo is gone and internet is working. I will go with aidje’s suggestion’s and if I have trouble, I know where to turn.

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