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What is the fluther name that has made you laugh the most?

Asked by drhat77 (6195points) September 15th, 2008

I just bursted out when I saw newbie emotionalgoat. If you name yourself, i will come to your house to distribute wedgies all around.

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AstroChuck! His name, picture, and questions have made me laugh the most.

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Very true Seesul.

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Jack Adams – just ask him what his middle name is!

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If we’re talking avatars, though, Bri, you win the current prize!

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hehehe, why thanks!

I saw it and I just knew.

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Loser & petethepothead…I laughed out loud when I seen both those names.

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Pete the Pothead here, on another site (Star Wars boards) I saw the best username ever: Padme’s Gaza Strip.

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I like MarcIsMyHero. He’s new too.

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I agree with sara and Pupn, petethepothead was just so forward and I guess you could say blunt.

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Where is pete these days?

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I have to admit, it was “Whatthefluther.” I thought it was so cool, I was even alittle jealous because mine was so boring. Yet, the one I thought was the coolest was, “thetypicalusername.”

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I am now feeling really uncreative about my user name.

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Stratman: Hoff!

SaraP: Yes! I love it whenever anyone addresses Loser.
Even the most mundane answers are amusing.

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@Bri L, don’t feel alone about your user name, I had such a creative imagination when I came up with mine.

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How come noone’s mentioned Babo yet? That girl cracks me up! The name, the avatar… just works!
loser and petethepothead (especially since his name isn’t pete…) are funny too.

But – the awesomest username has to be: uberbatman!

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good point wildflower! Babo gets a vote as well.

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Babo was my close 2nd, but I was on my iPhone and too lazy to add it, sorry Babo, and sorry we made you give up jello.

I don’t consider uberbatman a funny name, but I agree with you, it has to be the most uberbatman name on fluther.

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Pete’s name rocks.

On Youtube, I’m a fan of the usernames charlieissocoollike, speedyconkiwi (say it, it’s fun!), and gimmeabreakman (and his alternate account, gimmeaflakeman).

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Petethepothead and unberbatman are both good. I also like Knotmyday.
What’s Jack Adams’ middle name?

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Drhat77 is rather humorous, maybe. Oh, I am just partial…

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Wow, I feel famous.

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