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If you could be a patron saint of any trait what would you be?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24143points) February 5th, 2022

I would choose the patrion saint of indecision, but I’m not sure.

Humor welcome

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St. Loonette The Virgin.

Okay, right – but I used to be.

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I would be the Saint of Good News. Everyone would pray to me every day “please, please” “Thank you, thank you”. I would be bigger than God (Oh, I didn’t really say that). Saint Lady of Yarn.

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I would say it, but the heterosexuals would cringe.

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@Hawaii_Jake – Say it!

I’ll forgive you.

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I’d be St. Nextweek, patron saint of procrastinators.

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I’d be St. Goodenhauf, patron saint of those who settle for less than perfect.

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I could be indecision too, but I’ll pick patron saint of Florida. You pray to me for warm weather and fun.

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<—- ::ahem::

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I would be St Arving, the patron saint of the hungry.

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@flutherother: We could team up.

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Patron Saint of Lateness.

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