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Do hair stylist's clip nose hair?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23478points) February 7th, 2022

Please let me know.

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Probably not just a regular hair stylist. Maybe if you went to like a place that also does waxings they might if you asked.

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Probably not. There’s an over the counter gadget for that. It’s designed to only cut the hairs & not any skin!!!

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Nope, outside their scope. They don’t trim ear hair either. Nose hair you get to do on your own.

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Most here do nose and brows here, and use wax not clippers.

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My barbers have always trimmed ears, eyebrows, shaved neck, hair wash, and hot towel — on top of a haircut, but no nose hairs.

You can get a multi head trimmer that handles that for $20–30.

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@KNOWITALL They use hot wax on the inside of the nostril? OUCH!

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@zenvelo I couldn’t picture that either!

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My eyes started watering at the thought of the hot wax removal of nose hairs!!! LoL

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Oh its not hot, just warm. You twirl it on a (popsicle-like) stick so the hairs adhere. Do not use other waxes!! Then it cools and voila, a quick tug and you beathe better than ever.
Just don’t stick it too far up, you need some of those as filters. :)

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@KNOWITALL Thank you for the visual…now I have tears rolling down my cheeks!!!

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Waxing or plucking is not recommended for nose hair. It can lead to health issues. Trimming long hairs is best. It is too easy to get an infection from hair being plucked or waxed. You have Staph bacteria that is commonly present in your nostrils and leaving a wound that can become infected is a major concern.

Now back to @RedDeerGuy1 question. I caught nail fungus on my big toe after a pedicure. The place seemed pretty clean. Being that the staph bacteria is common in nostrils, I wouldn’t take the chance of having someone elses possible staph bacteria being shared in my nostrils. Also with Covid going around. Just buy your own nose trimmers and do it yourself.
I want to not that my husband once caught a staph infection from a small cut from a shell on the beach. He didn’t treat it right away. When he did it finally looked like it was taken care of from the outside but the infection had spread inside his body. He felt weak and tired for a year and kept thinking it was his sinuses. It wasn’t until a year later that the wound he got suddenly got re-infected and looked way bad and nothing we did healed it. When he was finally convinced he should go to the doctor, we were told it had become sepis. Any longer and with it and it would’ve killed him. Its nothing to play with.

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@LadyMarissa Haha! I love it. And you can buy your own wax and small pot at a beauty supply to do it yourself. Better than looking at them! :)

Glad to see you, it’s been awhile!

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@RedDeerGuy1 Please look up a device made by Philips Norelco series 3000, (battery operated) combination eyebrow and nose hair trimmer. I have been happy with this device.

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@Hawaii_Jake’s suggestion is very good.

Waxing?!?! OUCH

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@cookieman It doesn’t hurt, I promise. The wax doesn’t stick to your skin, only the hairs.
I’d love to see videos of your first nose wax after all these comments!

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Ouch! How many of those waxed hairs get ingrown?? It’s a problem I have with a nose hair trimmer.

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I am 74 years old and have never know any hairdresser or barber prepared to clip nose hair and during my life I have visited many of them.

However, a lot of them will clip the hairs from your ears if you have any (hair that is, not ears. Lol)

There are plenty of personal clippers which will deal with nasal, ear and excessive eyebrow hair.

These are very cheap to buy and all you need to do is change the batteries every so often.

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@KNOWITALL Don’t lie to @cookieman as it’s going to hurt like hell!!! Back when waxing first became a thing that could be done at home, I fell for the lie, “it’s not bad, it’s not going to hurt.” Sweetie, that first time was a lulu. :{

Now, the first time I plucked my eyebrows, I sneezed for seemed like forever & my nostrils burned for hours & I never touched my nostrils!!! The wax might not attach to the skin but it IS going to be fully attached to the hairs that are attached to the skin. There is NO way my hand is going to willingly yank knowing what is to follow!!! I prefer @Hawaii_Jake‘s idea.

I love @RedDeerGuy1 too much to even tempt him to try waxing & I have absolutely NOTHING against @cookieman. Spend the $10—$20 bucks to get a nose hair trimmer.

Oh yes, nose hairs are very important for your health & well being, so unless you have a really good reason for messing with them, I’d leave them alone.

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No. That’s a personal chore not a salon service.

But if your nose hair is long enough they could style into a charming mustache.

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^A French braid is also a nice touch.

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@LadyMarissa It doesn’t hurt me but I have native indian blood so my hair is only thick on my head. :)

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I’ve waxed my legs once. I’m such a wimp that I can safely say that was most likely my first and last time

Oh hell, I can definitely say that was my first and last time and I won’t be wavering

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It took me a day, but I think one does not clip hairs, but rather cut.
One clips nails.

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A hair stylist, no- not in their job description.
Someone that does waxing and brows might, and I believe some old fashioned “barbers” might- but it’s not a good idea since it is hair inside an orifice of your body.
If you are talking about a senior citizen who needs help with personal grooming, you can google senior assistance programs and they often have professionals who are trained and certified to cone to your home and help perform personal hygiene tasks and grooming.

If you are a fully capable person who has zero physical limitations, you can buy in store or online electric grooming tools that can safely trim nose and ear hairs without damaging your skin. If you are unsure about which option is best/safest for you, you can talk to your doctor

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