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Asked by windex (2932points) September 15th, 2008

If my question is really long, what should I put in the Title?

I have a feeling that LONG questions are not LIKED by Flutherers.

Do people prefer a short vague question in the Title then an explanation of the questions or the Real longer question in the Details section?

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Put a short question in the title that sums up your greater question. Then go on to explain the full question in your details section. Long questions are fine, we just hate seeing walls of text on the main page. Short sweet and to the point, then let us decide if we want to read on or not.

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cool thanks!

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I would suggest you try to get attention of those who might be interested in your question. For example if you have a political question from Republicans, I would suggest you right “Republicans of Fluther, what do you think of this?”.

I think it really helps to get attention of those who are the ones you need an answer from.

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I’ve seen others note that paragraph breaks are helpful in long blocks of text. Makes it easier on the eyes, and more likely to be read.

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My rule is that the question needs to fit on one line. (on a normal computer)

Put every thing else in the description section.


Queustion: It burns when I pee any advice? See, I think my so has been cheating and we have been having unprotected sex so I am afraid I got something from them. What should I do next?

The bold part should go in the details section.

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