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Does anyone know the details or the outcome of the scandal in 1987 that caused Joe Bidden to stop his campaigning for the Democratic Presidential Nomination?

Asked by marissa (2665points) September 16th, 2008

He stopped campaigning in 1987 before the first primaries due to the scandal, but nothing has been said about it, that I am aware of in this election. I can’t remember the details of it and I can’t find any reliable info on it. I’m not looking to bash him or any other candidate, I am trying to find information. Thanks!

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Whoops, it should be Biden, my keyboard is being fickle and I keep having double letters and I didn’t catch it on Biden sorry.

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Biden made a speech in the 1987 campaign that used some phrases that British politician Neal Kinnock used, according to Plagiarism Today. Dukakis attacked him with ads that showed the two speeches side by side, and this was so effective, Biden had to drop out.

Biden had also been accused of plagiarism during his days at Syracuse Law School, and was made to retake a course, but the accusation was later stricken from his record.

The author of the Plagiarism Today article analyzes these events, and in his opinion, the Kinnock plagiarism could have been accidental, as Biden claims, but the event at Syracuse may not be.

I dunno. To me it seems typical for politicians. They’re always copying other people’s work, and making it seem like their own, often with the collusion of the other people. It’s what we do to make policy happen. Having said that, I was quite disappointed when Biden was chosen. I thought Obama should have chosen a governor.

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Thank you so much for that daloon! Lurve to you :0)

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My pleasure! :-)

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I think the difference with Biden is that he barely escaped expulsion from Law School and only was able to stay because he pledged that he would never do it again. One would think that one would be more careful after that. It was a big deal when it occurred and it seems unlikely that a word for word quote could be accidental.

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I read the article a while ago. It doesn’t look like a word for word quote to me at all. Can you show where your reading please Seesul? Thanks.

That the guy who wrote the article even said “In the end, the plagiarized speech seems to be a likely accident and, by itself, probably is not worth discrediting Biden.”

As far as him almost getting thrown out of law school, its law school. If they can’t get you chucked out then there must be a reason. Besides, like were talking politicians and lawyers here. If you put lipstick on a pig its still a….....

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