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How can i best maximize search possibilities with meta tags?

Asked by needleinthehay (190points) September 16th, 2008

After class today I’m going to try to help my aunt with her salon website, and to be honest I’m somewhat rusty on the html, I haven’t created a website since early 2006. Can anyone help me with this?

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Meta tags are pretty much useless these days (at least with the bigger search engines). Too easy to litter them with loads of keywords which don’t actually relate to the page’s content.

Concentrate on the content instead. Come up with some good quality copy and put it in well-formatted, valid and semantic HTML. Forget about meta tags for SEO, they’re dead.

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Write clear, concise English text. Use meaningful link texts and page names. Make sure your HTML is valid, your images have ALT tags, and you have no broken links.

If you write a webpage so good that people will want to read it, the search engines will follow.

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Being linked by reputable sites that care about the subject matter of your content is really the only sure-fire way to drive page rank these days. Meta keyword and meta description tags are weighted far less than they used to be.

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Remember that for generating online traffick to your website the most imp thing is Content. If you manage to make or get great content to your website other people will surely like to link to your website. And if you don’t find that other peoples are freely linking to your content then you can request them to do so, but do it constructively. Use trackback urls , use comments to leave your urls on relevant websites. You if you use or other social network use it for your sites publicity.

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