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Do you think the worst when the power is off?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24144points) February 23rd, 2022

The power was off for five minutes, and I wondered if Russia launched an emp to the power plant.

Is that normal?

What other minor events do in you blow out of proportion? Like losing contact with a loved one for a hour of two?

Humor welcome.

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Power is a big deal here, especially in winter. At various times power has been out for weeks and is very dangerous.

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Depending how long the power is out I could be fine to panic. if it is out for a few minutes or a few hours I’ll be fine. If it is out for a few days or weeks or months I’ll panic.

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Of course not.

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Depends where I am at in the world.
In Holland I would be a bit concerned, initially, the moment it would happen (since it must have been at least twenty years that it has happened, in my city/region).
If it would continue to be down for hours, without having had information, I would possibly start to worry (especially if there’s an international rumble going on).

If it happened while I’m with my girlfriend, in Greece, I would applaud it.
There’s nothing more mesmerising than being on an (relatively) unspoiled island, with lush green fields, waterfalls, mountains, and most fantastic, a Bortle 2 night sky!
And when I’m with my love I don’t care that much for my safety (although I have might have to calm her).

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If Russia launched a emp there would be no electricity and it would be all over the news.

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@KRD Thanks. Maybe a solar storm?

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@KRD Or maybe the news would be mostly off? From the power outages.

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^^^^ You got that right @RedDeerGuy1 ! ! ^^^^

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Not at all. I.look forward to the quiet and playing cards with Rick.

I did once panic when I heard a few jet thunder over the house right after trump got elected.
I thought “My God. He’s started a war.”

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News that you couldn’t see @KRD! You’d have to wait for a newspaper

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Do you know what an EMP is?? Electro Magnetic Pulse. It occurs when an atomic device is exploded in the air over the area.

When the power goes off here, I figure it’s another tree branch hitting the power lines causing a power company line fuse to fail. They make one heck of a big bang!

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@kritiper Thanks. I was just wondering.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Looks like the answer is no.

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I do! When the planes flew into the twin towers I looked out the windows to make sure the enemy wasn’t marching over the fields in the rural area where I lived. Silly, I know, but hell, it’s not like we’re attacked on a regular basis!

And I told my sister to let me know if she’d be going on vacation where I couldn’t get in touch with her. One time I couldn’t get a response from her for days and I imagined all sorts of situations. Turns out she was somewhere in the northwest with no reception.

But then, I tend to be a bit paranoid and think the worst. Like the first few weeks/months in a new place I wake up and think I see someone standing in my bedroom doorway. <<shivers>> Sucks!

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Not really as intermittently lately our Cable company has regular outages, so its just annoying.

If power to out building goes out, ordinarily I would worry but got accustomed to that as it used to be a regular summer time thing during tourist season and birds, small animals would get into the fenced in Power generator (?) and thus shut down the grid for half of the Town.

Depending on which half of the downtown is down can determine where it was breached.
Sometimes its caused by cats but can’t see why a cat would go into that area since plenty of wildlife around it. Suspect teens throwing things to cause a panic or to get off work.

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Would a emp effect all of America?

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No. It actually makes me thankful for the simple things in life and what we have for the time being.

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