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Life-changing last-minute decisions?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7804points) September 16th, 2008

i was out of a job and desperate for income from somewhere. i applied for a job that offered two positions. at the very last minute, i checked the lower-paying job of the two. greatest last-minute decision, actually, because it really paid off in the long run. ever make a decision at the “last minute” that turned out to be brilliant decision after all?

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Over the phone I said “yes” to: “Could you start next week, in Ireland?”

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I was deciding between med schools. One in St. Louis, and one in New York. Initially, I like the St. Louis one better. Even made plans to move, find an apartment, buy a car, etc. The day before I was supposed to formally accept the St. Louis spot, and decline the NYC spot, I had an epiphany, and decided “New York City, 21 year old man = better choice”. The rest is history. Best decision I ever made. No offense to people who love St. Louis

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Along the very same lines as shilolo, deciding where to go to college. I waited until the morning of the deadline day to make my final decision between a college in NYC and a college in Seattle. In the end, I’ve wound up living in both cities for a period, but spending my freshman year in NYC was the most important and transformitive year of my life. I’m so grateful that I decided on that.

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I guess moral of the story for all of you undergrad and grad school applicants out there:
Go to NYC! Worked for both of us! ^

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When I first returned to school, it was to finish my degree in business. The first week, after I had started all my business classes, I realized I want to be a teacher. I dropped all those classes and moved into the college of education. My life has since made a 180 degree turn, and I like what I see up ahead.

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I had applied to to do a year abroad for senior year in England – was accepted at one school, Exeter University – but had decided I would stay at my college in the States instead. However, I never let Exeter know I wasn’t coming and received enrollment information from them in August. I changed my mind and decided to go for it. During that year in England, I started a relationship with a guy I had met there the previous summer. (I was hitchiking and he was driving…but that’s a tale for another time, folks.) Long story short, In January we will celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary!

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@janbb – That sounds like a pretty life-changing last-minute decision! Beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

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