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What are the rules to remove a security council member from the United Nations?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24641points) February 25th, 2022

Like Russia? Or China? Or both? Or does the world have to make another body like N.A T.O.

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The biggies all have the veto and are therefore immune.

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Can’t be done. Paremanent member – permanent. Written into the charter. There is not a mechanism to get rid of them.

Russia could resign and leave the organization, but that would seem shortsighted for them, because then they would have far less influence than they have today.

The best that could happen would be for Putin to drop dead.

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@elbanditoroso, that last point is one that must be on many, many minds these days, although (for obvious reasons) I’ve never seen it mentioned publicly anywhere. No matter how and when Putin passes, there will always be questions.

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Shoot him and start a war. Simple as that!

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After this is over a tribunial will be started for his actions in court.
Amend the Charter possibly?

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