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Is Vladimir Putin actually a billionaire?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24641points) February 27th, 2022

The legend was that he has the equivalent of $200 billion dollars American. My local news said that the sanctions won’t effect him much because he only makes $100,000+ as President of Russia.

Can someone please fact check this for Fluther?

Also if Vladimir Putin is a billionaire where did he get it?

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Where does any criminal get his money?

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He has billions. He got it by using his office and influence in ways that are illegal here, and probably there.

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Putin Is rumored to be one of many Russian investors in Trump Resorts, when Trump had gone bankrupt and he couldn’t get any US banks to lend him money, the Russians showed up with cash.

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This is what Foreign Policy dot org has to say on the subject. I cannot vouch for their honesty but it is in line with your figures

Now Money dot com has this to say. They claim that Forbes won’t list him as one of the richest because they can’t verify any of his assets

Wealthy Gorilla dot com has this to say as well as some interesting personal info on his life

All this should give you plenty to read through tonight. There will be a pop quiz come daylight so be prepared

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Scams. Rumor is that all of the oil and mining oligarchs pay Putin billions to be allowed to keep owning their companies.

How did the guy build a $100 million mansion on an official salary of $140K/year?

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Kickbacks were one of the ways he is thought to increase his income and that’s one of the assets that can’t be traced. Who’s going to tell him no?

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Check out this video showing pictures of “Putin’s Palace” on the Black Sea. He seems to have access to limitless funds.

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Putin is in the top 10 of the wealthiest people in the world.

He is estimated to have in excess of 40 billion US dollars.

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