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Why must my Mac's dock be so annoying?

Asked by swimmindude2496 (322points) September 16th, 2008

This keeps happening an is there a way to change it? I have preview currently in my dock and if I click a picture in a stack or on my desktop it opens in Preview with a new icon in my dock. But when I quit it leaves. This happens with Preview, Sys Pref, WebKit, etc. Can I change it?

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I’m not sure exactly what I’m looking at. Are all of those things images that are open in Preview?

On another note, if those are all programs you have in your dock that you regularly use, I would checkout Quicksilver . While it’s basic use can be limited to launching programs it’s very powerful and can clear up a lot of stuff from your dock easily.

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I don’t want it. I mean I have Preview on my dock like I said above. Can I make it that it uses the one in my dock.

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Do you have two Applications folders by chance? Multiple installs of the same app?

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No. And I have an App. stack and a App folder maybe?

EDT: Still w/o the the stack it does what it does.

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I don’t mean insult or anything but these are things I would try,
drag both off the bar.
open an image and see if two of the apps open.
if not, move the one icon over and quit.
open an image again and see if two of the apps open,
if not your done, if yes, you have issues I don’t understand

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quit them and drag them off

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Tanks that really helped Bri!!!!!

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No shit? cool! You never know eh?
hehe glad to help

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Your right. It was annoying me.

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well, i’m on a new machine, and i had the same thing with VLC, and it’s 10.5.4, so it’s not a 10.5.5 bug, weird…

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that a fluther app? I want.

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VLC is a free cross platform video player

if that is what iwamoto was talking about.

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yeah, that’s what i was talking about…how the hell did he think it was a fluther app ?....

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He saw my dock, I guess. It is in Fluid.

wilhel1812's avatar for those who don’t know
great applications with a lot of options.

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Glad to hear you got the problem solved. I wonder if you have a second copy of preview roaming around somewhere? Do a spotlight search of “Preview” and see if you get more than one Application result.

Or maybe you’ve got an app with the same (or very similar) icon to Preview. Wouldn’t be the first time.

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very good point chromaBYTE. that would explain why it showed up twice like that.

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i’m guessing when you where creating your app stack, you simply copied the apps you use the most into a separate folder, rather than creating alias’s. meaning theres now two preview.apps.

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