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What is the best book for guitar beginners?

Asked by Tennis5tar (1255points) August 6th, 2007

I had some lessons when I was about 10, but got bored with the simple, annoying tunes. I have just bought myself an acoustic guitar and am loking for a guide that will show me chord positions and techniques, perhaps with some practice pieces. I'm teaching myself so it needs to be suitable for independant learning.

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Guitar For Dummies

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probably fretboard logic

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If you have cable and are looking for a more interactive solution, I recommend checking out the InDemand feature offering guitar lessons. They cover beginner through intermediate last I was seeing. I specifically have Comcast as my cable provider, but I do think the service is offered across many cable companies.

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@mirza and gilgamesh: Thanks, I'll have a look and see what I think.

@ alabare: I live in England, so I can't do the interacive thing. Thanks though.

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also there are some really good tutorials online

youtube also has a fair amount of tutorial videos

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You may also want to dig around in iTunes for various podcast tutorials or even ebooks. I know there are several people podcasting on this topic.

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Actually, even if you play guitar already those comcast lessons are pretty good and fun. easy fun way to learn songs, different styles, etc. I think they might actually be hard for a beginner to follow however, maybe after you've looked at a book for a few weeks or however long it takes you to get familiar with the chords.

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I did a lot of research when buying a beginner’s how-to book to learn guitar, and I kept being directed to Uncle Tim’s First Year. I would highly recommend buying this inexpensive book and following the lessons. He does offer a free eBook, but it’s a Windows-ified PDF and I am a Mac user. It seems to offer some of the introductory lessons from the full book, which should allow you to see if it’s something that suits you.

This book more than exceeded my expectations. I blew my guitar playing friends away after only 3 months. And it’s structured to be something you can continue to learn from for years and years. He has a very cool way of explaining the fretboard that allows you to “get it” quickly, and then delve deeper into it if you so choose.

There’s a nice blend of hands-on practice & music theory as he ramps up the exercises. I became better at guitar in 6 months than I thought I would in maybe 5 years, and it was all from this book.

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Anything that teaches them chords, etc. So many people want to start playing guitar by leanring “Eruption” by Eddie Van Halen. Walk be fore you run .

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