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Wordpress issue with permalinks and IE?

Asked by netvantage (3points) September 16th, 2008

Switched my site to Wordpress recently, and had a designer customize a template for us…but now I can’t change the URLs to standard naming conventions without breaking the code in IE. It works fine in Firefox, but when I go to the subpages in the second tier nav like here, the style sheet doesn’t load and I end up with a bunch of jumbled text and images. I really would like to go by %pagename% for obvious reasons, but I can’t seem to get past this issue in IE. Any suggestions?

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Looks fine in IE. But if I go to anything like it looks like garbage in any browser.

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Yeah that first link worked fine in both browsers but as @johnpowell says, that link he gave totally trashes it. I’ll try to firebug it.

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Well the first thing I see is that you have 3 stylesheets. You only need two. One for anything less than IE7 and the general one. You have one for IE6 one for IE7 and one for everyone else. IE7 actually does a decent rendering job, so I don’t understand it’s relevance. Also, the stylesheets for both ie’s are relative stylesheets (wp-content/themes/spring_08/ie7_style.css), but the general one is absolute ( You may want to change that since it may cause issues.

Ok. I found a difference in the actual markup. On the page_id=181 You’ll see a div with the id of “coll”, but on the main site where that div is it’s id is “collhom”. It actually looks like you’re missing that entire part of the markup. Gotta make dinner, but if you don’t find a solution I’ll help out when I’m done. Hope this shed a little light on it.

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Thanks for the input guys, I’ll pass your feedback to my stumped developer. I guess I wasn’t entirely clear on our issue, though. I don’t currently have the site using the permalinks that I want to use, so I’m using the default. By that, I mean, I would like to use page or postnames so that my URL is instead of

However, when I try to setup permalinks that way with a custom extension of /%postname or /%pagename the page loads fine (for a page such as .com/services/web_analytics) in Firefox, but not in IE. However, I can get one extension to work in IE, so a page like .com/services will load properly, but not .com/services/web_analytics

I certainly appreciate the help. If someone wants to email me directly, I would like to set the site up live with the different permalinks so you can see it for yourself, but I can’t afford to do it during the week. I could do it on the weekend though, since traffic is very miniscule. My non-work email is adamnldt at y@hoo dot com if you want to win good semaritan of the year.

Thanks so much for all the help!

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anybody? this is driving me nuts.

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Can you ask your developer to re-create the same site on a sub-domain and enable permalinks during the week for the subdomain? My weekend time is usually spent doing family time stuff, but during the week I tend to have a bit more time.

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Thanks tWrex. I just built a subdomain with the same theme and it’s live. it can be found at test (dot)

To reach my email directly, just add ahenige to the beginning of the base url.

I sincerely appreciate any help you can offer.

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