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Can someone help me with issues designing a typeface using a Mac?

Asked by noah (27points) September 16th, 2008

I am most familiar with Illustrator. Can I can i design everything in Illustrator and then import vector files into a font creating software? if so, what is the industry standard? I’ve only ever heard of Fontlab and Fontographer.

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I’ve only heard of Fontographer.
(I have it, but have never actually got around to using it.)

I don’t know what type of file it saves as.
But I would imagine that would be more important (than what program)?

Though, this is coming from someone who doesn’t work in the industry.

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I know that fonts are, essentially, vectors but there is a lot of other data like hinting and kerning for each character. I’ve really only heard of people using Fontographer which seems to be a pretty widely used piece of software. If you’re planning on doing a full character set… may the force be with you or something. There’s a lot of characters out there!

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