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What are some good child-like Halloween jokes?

Asked by Mitsu_Neko (762points) September 16th, 2008

My son and brother (8 & 5 respectively) love silly kids jokes…Don’t post the answer automatically…I wanna see if I can get it right.

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Who did the zombie bring to the dance?

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very childlike…

What is a witch’s favorite food?

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Why did the ghost get invited to the party?

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What do you get when you cross a vampire with a snowman?

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His ghoul friend
Ice Scream and BooBerry pie
I give what???

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Here is another website with some more, you may need to filter them for age appropriateness.

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the answer to mine was a “sand-witch!”

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Why couldn’t the witch get pregnant? Because her husband had a Hollow Weenie!

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He likes to Groooooooooooove! < like a ghost moaning>

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i like it Amish Ninja
Poofandmook I wasnt sure so I listed the fave of monsters

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