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Are you familiar with the "squatter's rights" in your state?

Asked by LadyMarissa (15750points) March 9th, 2022

I’ve been following this story since I first heard of it on my local news & it scared the hell out of me!!! I’ve heard of it happening in other states but never considered it possible to happen in my own back yard. Do you know the squatter’s rights in your state??? IF not, I suggest you do a search of “squatter’s rights”+“your state”. Knowledge is power!!! How would you protect yourself when even the courts are against you???

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I’ve heard of it happening and no, I’m not familiar with squatters’ rights in my state (NY) but I’m going to google it now.

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It is akin to people who stay in an Airnb for more than 30 days. In California, if you stay in an Airbnb for more than a month, you are a legal tenant, and the eviction requirements are arduous.

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Florida isn’t very squatter friendly. They can’t easily get ownership, and they can even be brought up on criminal or civil charges depending on the situation. If they have been there longer than seven years, then they might have claim to the property. There are several hoops to fulfill. I don’t know the laws well.

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No, I’m not familiar but I will be doing some better research of our local laws

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We had a discussion here on this in the past. Maybe you can find it using the search feature. Yes, I’m familiar.

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There was a movie about this with Michael Keaton, Pacific Heights.

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That was a GOOD movie!!!

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Mixed feelings on this.

On one hand.
On the other hand.

After both of these incidents, I looked up California squatter rights laws. Luckily California requires that squatters pay property tax in order to claim adverse something rather.

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Adverse possession!
Brain fart. Had to look that one up.

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