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Vasectomy or tied tubes?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7807points) September 16th, 2008

yeah yeah, ok, birth control pills are good enough, but this conversation came up recently, just right after, well, an intimate interlude. i’m a little up there in age for more additions to the household, but MAN!, looks like vasectomy is not an option for me. went on wikipedia for more info and i was like, OH HELL no. help!

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Tube tying is more expensive, more likely to go dangerously wrong, a more complex procedure, and (if I remember correctly, which I may not), not as effective as vasectomy. A vasectomy is a very simply and painless procedure, and if you’re worried about maybe wanting kids, you can always store sperm in a sperm bank or throw in the cash for a vaso-vasectomy (a vasectomy reversal).

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Really, when weighing the two procedures, the vasectomy is way less invasive and in my opinion, the way to go. Tying tubes is very invasive, more serious of a surgery, more potential for complications, and also requiring more recovery time.

A man can go for an outpatient vasectomy procedure, if that tells you anything. They can do it without having to open you up, from what I understand..

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Tubal ligations can now be done arthroscopically, so it’s not as much of a deal as it used to be. It is, however, still an abdominal surgery requiring general anesthesia. Vasectomies are non-invasive and are performed with a local – a much safer and less expensive option.

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There can be other perks to having a vasectomy!

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I had a vasectomy after my daughter was born (14 years ago). Sure, I was sore for a few days and I may never forget the agony of the internal tugging and the smell of my own cauterizing flesh… but apart from that, I’ve never regretted it.

Makes all the difference in spontaneity and safety, obviously. If you do it, commit and have them do a non-reversible procedure.

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Not that this is the only (or even the best) reason to go with the vasectomy, but consider all that your wife has done in the reproductive department: birth control pills for years, menstruation, pregnancies and last but not least…birth(s). What have you had to contribute up till now? Sperm. I think it’s your turn, sir. Man up and get the vasectomy!

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I know how men can be about their favorite possessions, but truly, it’s a minor procedure done in a doctors office. Compare that to trip to the OR.

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I had a tubal. It is invasive. It is a lot more expensive. It is a longer recuperation process. It’s abnominal surgery. It hurts for more than a few days.

A vasectomy is a lot less to deal with. Most of the time, it’s done in the doctor’s office.

Get the vasectomy. Besides, women have been taking the predominant responsibility for birth control forever. Carry the burden a little.

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Toughen up. Grow a pair. Oh, wait, that’s the problem…...

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to augustlans point, man when I thought about the nature of what my wife went through and risked for me and for our 2 kids. It was a no brainer.

I talked to 14 guys not one of them had any problems what so ever. at all.

I was the only exception. And I would still do it again vs having my wife do it.

And my dad had one undone after 10 years and now I have a brother 26 years younger than me.

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My husband got the vasectomy, for many of the reasons stated above, he basically went in the afternoon one day and then went back to work the next morning. And I think it ended up costing us a $10 co-pay for the visit to the doctor. So, not only was it less invasive and cheaper than a tubal, it was even cheaper than a year’s worth of birth control pills for me.

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@augustian: i knew i’d hear that one. my wife said the same just today.

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@Bri L, your wife is lucky, it also seems like you feel blessed too…your such a sweety to think of her! :)


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I figured that since I carried the children and gave birth, the least he could do was get a vasectomy. He agreed with no problem.

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I say vesectomy for all the wise reasons mentioned above.

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C:\Documents and Settings\rms\Local Settings\Temp\T-Vasectomy-Orange.gif

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Yep, stratman, that’s why men with vasectomies are called “navel oranges”. :^>

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The vascectomy is the easier of the two…

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Thanks sarapnc!

OH, and god bless bags of frozen peas

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I’ve had a vasectomy, it’s uncomfortable for a couple of days but not very painful. Frozen peas are the answer. Just don’t let your child kick you hard there 2 weeks later, now that was painful !!!

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I don’t want to scare anyone. but mine was extremely painfull, took 1.5 weeks to get over and hurt like hell every day of it. I can’t begin to describe it. Something went wrong. I actually filed a complaint against the doctor and reported him.


Tied tubes.


Just ask her to have her tubes tied, plain and simple.

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