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How do I stop being flagged?

Asked by maybe_KB (669points) September 16th, 2008

I’ve been flagged for 2 questions I’ve asked.
Have you been flagged before?
And if so , for what kind of question?

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Have you read the guidelines?

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Don’t they tell you why you were flagged?

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yeah, after asking the question, though.
@ Nimis

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I can’t say anti-christ…(which i kinda understand)
I can’t start a question w/: Not to be offensive
Gosh, I don’t know if they’ll keep me here 4 long
(imma affraid i’ll screw up again)
I read another guys Q:
He asked, “Where’s John?”
Maybe he got let go too?

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One of my questions was flagged for multiple reasons.

Reason #1…Self-Promotional
Problem: I was asking about a test, they either assumed I was related to the company that administered the test or that I was interested in showing off my own score. Not true on both accounts.
Solution: I could have avoided being flagged by being clear on both accounts.

Reason #2…Vague or unclearly stated.
Problem: I’m still unsure about this one.
Solution: Hard to find a solution, when I’m still unsure about the problem.

Reason #3…Answering your question 8 times isn’t cool.
Problem: No one was answering my question. And after asking it, I kind of realized that no one would probably ever. (It wasn’t very interesting.) I didn’t know how to delete the question, so I decided to entertain myself by replying to my own answer…8 times.
Solution: You can ask the moderator(s) to delete a question instead of resorting to talking to yourself.

Don’t feel disheartened about being flagged though. (So long as your intentions are actually good.)
You’ll see that the moderator(s) are really quite fair and great at what they do.

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maybe_KB In my experience, saying “not to be offensive” is code for “what I’m about to say is really offensive…”. So, just stop being offensive, would be my suggestion. :-)

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Personally, I don’t see the problem with saying Anti-Christ.
As an insult, it’s so absurd that it’s impossible to take seriously.

I do see the point of not starting a question with Not to be offensive.
You can’t just put a disclaimer and proceed to do so.

And Where’s John? just isn’t a serious question.

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thx Nimis
maybe I’ll be aound for another 27*

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It is hard to get banned.. Trust me.

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[mod says:] best way to prevent being flagged is by reading the guidelines and taking example from other fluther Qs. Your Q was not removed because you used the word “Anti-christ”. It was removed because you asked a vague Q to begin with and then you proceeded to insult/criticize everyone who gave you an answer you did not like. I am sorry if you are feeling like you are being specifically “attacked” by the mods. I assure you this is not the case.

Let me know if you have further Qs. And remember, if you ever need any clarification, you can always use the “Contact” link at the top of the page to reach the moderators. We are pretty fast with our replies :)

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I had a question removed because it contained a thinly veiled reference to some other users, and it basically attracted a lynch mob and “incited a riot”. I was wrong to post it, and I accepted that.

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Youre just bad, Auggie Doggie. Must be Fredvegas’ influence.

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Are we allowed to ask deliberately silly questions that are designed to get absurd, but fun conversations going?

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I am bad.

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