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Do a lot of bars allow this?

Asked by SergeantQueen (12874points) March 11th, 2022

Our server tonight was drunk and taking lots of shots. I suspect the kitchen person was also drunk. Lots of burnt food that took waaaay to much time to come out.

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My state they could revoke their liquor license for 60 days !

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The person serving cannot drink any alcohol !

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I should have worded my question a bit differently. I know you aren’t supposed to drink on the clock, but a lot of bartenders in Wisconsin bars do. So it’s a norm here. Small local bars let them drink a few.

But yeah, I would suspect if caught they could get in some trouble. I wonder if it’s any different in different states.

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Not acceptable, and in most locations not lawful. Definitely amatuer behavior from staff, managers, and owners.

Places where this goes on are places to avoid. Food, drinks, entertainment, hygene, and basic security go from bad to worse fast. They end up not even being decent dives – a waste of everyone’s time & money.

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It happens frequently enough, often when it’s the owner’s relatives tending the bar, serving or cooking. And it isn’t always booze that is the substance of abuse.

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The only time I’ve seen it is at the end of a shift, and only in a bar at a restaurant.

I used to go to nightclubs (dance clubs) regularly and never saw a bartender openly drink alcohol.

Although, you’re probably at a bar where the main goal is drinking. I’m almost never in places like that.

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Not allowed. I worked as a bartender in my early 20’s. At one bar, if we had a good night, the owner would reward us at the end of our shift with one shot of his choice of liquor. After a long and busy night, it was most welcomed but we had to be off the clock before he brought out the shot glasses

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GOOD bars do not allow that. Crappy bars on their way down the tubes do.

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I suspect you know the answer to that. Call the local liquor commission and report them. It is an accident waiting to happen.

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If you have ever worked in the food service industry you know damn well a quarter to a third of the staff is buzzed or high.

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If you were uncomfortable in this situation, you should just go to another establishment.

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I’m not bitching about the establishment. I was just curious how common it is.

Not reporting then, either.

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What do you think?

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Very common, in food and beverage.

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@SnipSnip Obviously the bars here in Wisconsin allow it.

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You mentioned one place. Do you take that to mean all bars and restaurants are comparable ?

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Yes, because I have spoken to people after I posted this question who live here in Wisconsin and they have said the same: It’s common here.

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Welcome to Wisconsin!

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@Forever_Free call the cops in Wisconsin for this and they’ll laugh with their buddies.

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Yeah, they wouldn’t do anything. Drinking culture in Wisconsin is a lot different than people realize

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@SergeantQueen I know the culture in Wisconsin. A bar every mile in that state. A serious drinking issue with many residents. Long winters with nothing to do.
I stated calling the liquor commission, not the cops.

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In SC, if a bartender serves a customer drinks and the customer has a wreck on the way to their next destination, the bartender can be sued by the customer for allowing them to get drunk. Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum

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Most bars do not allow this. But it’s still common for bar staff to be drinkers.
If it doesn’t affect service, I don’t even care. I can see why you are concerned though, since it affected your service.

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The liquor commission in Wisconsin won’t do anything either.

Wisconsin is full of tiny bars with one bartender on the clock. We aren’t speaking about nightclubs and/or high end places.

Being drunk isn’t acceptable but bartenders do drink. They have a high tolerance here. Customers will buy them shots. The only time I saw a bartender refuse was during dry January.

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