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Sorry, your link doesn’t work. Can’t read the story.

It’s almost a toss-up, in absolute terms, but in the real world I think Putin must be crazier. He’s got a bigger field to be crazy in, and he’s been at it longer. Also he is angrier, crueler, and cruder. Musk doesn’t go around killing people, and he tries to help in crises, no matter how weirdly.

Musk makes things. Putin breaks them.

In a contest, though, I would put my money on Musk even if I were sure he was going to lose, just to cheer him on. He’s a nut, but he’s our nut.

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Putin is crazy, but quite intelligent.
I feel like he is more crazy than intelligent though, and that Elon is more intelligent than crazy.

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Link won’t open for me either. Just guessing, I’d say Putin is crazier but Musk just enjoys being the biggest NUT!!! Musk has a better reason—his woman just left him & he’s not thinking straight plus he’s got a new baby.

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@Jeruba Oh shoot!

Does this link work?

Basically Musk challenged Putin to a one-on-one fight for Ukraine. In a tweet, so really just messing around.

But I’m kind of liking the notion of a one-to-one fight in lieu of war. Not sure how Ukraine feels about their self declared champion though.

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They both make perfect sense to me. I don’t believe either worthy of an insanity defense.

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Masha Gessen, expert on things Russian, called Putin “a true paranoid dictator” in a New York Times interview on March 10 and said:

We’re living in a world — a world — not just a country, but a world that is right now being shaped by a man who has been thinking alone, and not very well, but also, most dangerously alone for two years.

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@raum, yes, that link worked, thanks. That challenge actually raises Elon Musk in my estimation, although I’m not sure I can say why.

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Well, I now go from amused interest to infatuated.

Elon, dinner date?

I saw him on an old Rogan episode. That was fun.

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I wouldn’t bet on Musk. Putin is a former spy with judo and karate training.
Musk would need to fly on his rocket shirtless just to start to imitate Putin’s level of crazy.

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@filmfann, I agree, it would be a very unequal match. But I would be willing to lose my bet on principle.

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Putin’s craziness is magnified by his having so much power. A psychological quirk in Putin collapses whole apartment buildings in Ukraine.

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They are both crazy. I don’t think there is a scale for craziness however.

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I think we’ll do better to get past the nonsense around celebrity fixation and the crap it engenders. Neither of these men are crazy. And both of them are their own sort of genius. Musk is just unfortunate in that the media sees to it that we hang on every word he mutters. He can’t fart out loud without it being credited an act of inexplicable genius. And if he says something stupid, as we all inevitably will and do, it’s taken as proof of dementia. Musk and Putin in a fist fight? How many of you read that, then rush out to dump your Tesla stock? And for the love of God, do not make the mistake of thinking Putin crazy. He is FORCED to be more sane and calculating than ANYONE WE HAVE YET PUT UP AGAINST HIM. Putin is not allowed the luxury afforded OUR leadership in bungling willy-nilly from one military disaster to the next without pause or apparent notice from the fat, spoiled, vapid citizenry supposedly employing them. Look at what he is doing. The motives are there to be read, and there is absolutely NOTHING crazy about them. Do not underestimate the man.

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@HP labeling the man crazy is not an underestimation. In fact, quite the opposite. To not account for his lunacy is to underestimate him.

Yes, I get what he’s about. But, having a purpose does not excuse the mayhem.

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Are you saying his goals are crazy? If not, no excuse is required for the “mayhem”. I put it to you that he has already achieved many of those goals through employment of that mayhem. Simply put, he has rendered Ukraine a horror show unsuitable for Western encroachment, and that is merely one of the “benefits” from the long list of strategic achievements his “lunacy” has brought him. Would you like to hear more?

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@HP What are Putin’s goals? According to Putin himself it is the denazification of Ukraine but only Russians that get their news solely from state TV could ever have swallowed that. Putin himself never believed it. Whatever his murky aims were it now begins to look like the vindictive punishment of a country that chose to live in a western style democracy rather than Putin’s Orwellian state.

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That’s an excellent summation of our position on the matter. Of course, as with ourselves, Putin’s stated goals and aims have little to do with his actual motives. His goal is the maintenance and preservation of that Orwellian state, and the benefits accruing to him and his ilk. And there is nothing “murky” about it. Putin’s obstacle in this goal isn’t so-called western democracy. It’s Western prosperity plain and simple. Putin rules a land where the average net worth of an individual amounts to $871. The average citizen in India fares better. Russia is a land where 135 individuals command a whopping 35% of the wealth. The Russian oligarchs put our own robber barons to shame! Of course Ukraine (and every other Former Soviet republic) prefers to sidle up to the prosperous West. Putin’s job is to eliminate and thwart those Western tentacles, and he has achieved JUST THAT. Every Western enterprise or endeavor has evaporated from Ukraine like frost in sunshine. Moreover, other Former Republics entertaining such dreams get the clear message as to the consequences of such dreams. And that message also extends to those would be Western investors. Call it crazy if you wish. It makes perfect sense to me and it is only the beginnings of Putin’s strategic achievements at the cost of some recruits and a little obsolete junk equipment! We should wish for such “crazy” strategists.

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I say it’s a virtual tie.

It’s almost as if they spent 13 years and 50 Cents at Fluther! ;-o

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@Brian1946 That made me snort laugh.

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