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Have you ever misread an email?

Asked by allengreen (1631points) September 16th, 2008

OK, I miss read the email. It was stern warning that I would be banned, and the couple of examples that the management cited were legitimate complaints and I was WAY over the top a couple of times, and to those whom I offended and insulted (you know who you are)—I am sincerely sorry, from the bottom of my bleeding liberal heart, I apologize. I was wrong to post what I did in those examples, I regret it, and I will not again go over the top like that again.

However, I will and do stand behind most of my arguments and assertions (those that do not attack the person, but that attack their ideas) and I will continue to hold Right Wing feet to the fire, and challenge folks for their beliefs, as I believe it is my civic duty to do so.

To those who have pm’d me, I thank you, and I would miss some of you folks (some), and I thank the Fluther Gods (management) for giving me another chance here, as have some of you folks.

Thank you

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Well that sucks.

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@cheeb: He apologized.

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You have a good brain, allengreen. I hate to see the Collective lose any voice. I think a variety of opinion is valuable. Thus, it is my hope that you can keep the vitriol in check.

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We love your company, we really do. You just need to let other people have a little of their say sometimes, to present your ideas in a calm and collected way, and try to insult a few less people in doing so. :) Thanks for sticking around, and for taking my email onboard. You’re a valued and intelligent user.

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Like Richard said, different opinions are appreciated in the community. It’s just a matter of tone and tact. What makes the community special is the different voices and opinions out there, and the ability of people to be able to respect the opinion of those that disagree. We are happy to know that you have decided to stay and look forward to seeing future contributions by you :)

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what did I do?

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What does this have to do with “miss reading” and email?

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Allen, I’m glad you’re still here. I hope your future contributions will be valuable, and maybe just a smidge more tactful :)

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Hehe….glad to see you didn’t run away – and who knows, perhaps now I won’t go entirely bald from pulling out my hair in frustration over your posts ;)

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It is good to hear you are staying Allen, your posts sometimes make me scream, sometimes make me laugh, and always make me think.

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thanks supermouse—that means a lot to me, sincerely…appreciate that

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if the email was for my dad or sister or mom i would have miss read it

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