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Have you ever taken a hit and thought to yourself that you would love to stay down?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23805points) March 17th, 2022

To just relax and take your sweet time getting up?

Like one of Wayne Gretzkys last hockey games. He was checked and took his time getting up. Feel free to give a link. Also confirm if you remember it. Everyone was worried about him. I was wondering what he was thinking?

I’ve passed out before and thought that I could stay down and relax a bit.

Is that normal? Have you done that or wanted to? Or did you fight to stand back up and fight? I fight to stand every time that I walk to the bathroom. I go blind and dizzy. I reach out to the wall and power my way to the toilet.

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I thought you meant this question in a much bigger frame—i.e., taking a major life hit and contemplating not pulling yourself together, not getting on with things, just giving up.

It’s hard not to think that way sometimes, at least for some of us.

But so far…so far, I have.

Are you seeing a doctor for these health conditions you’ve been talking about? They don’t sound good to me.

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@Jeruba I would like to include a major life hit.

I had a neurologist administer a cat scan and a MRI. He found nothing interesting. The Dr. Thinks it is orthostatic hypotension.

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I thought you were talking about actually being hit, like in a fight. I’ve never been in a fight and the few times I passed out I wasn’t thinking about much of anything.

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@smudges Yes a fight is included. From fighting with fists, being checked or having “life”, happen to you.

I have been assaulted in a soccer game. Sandwiched between two beefy guys while the third punched me in the nuts. I recovered quickly.

I have been in lots of fights. The only one who scared me was when my shoulder was dislocated in recess and I was left to cry in the snow.

Also I fought to stay sane in university.

I fight whenever I stand up suddenly; usually just to go to the washroom.

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Physically, no.
But emotionally, yes.


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We’ll all stay down when we take our last hit.

Who needs practice?

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I understand the concept of collecting one’s thoughts so you can get up in a different mindset. This may be swinging or it may be a reassessment of your reality.

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This past year is the biggest hit I have ever taken. And I’m still here. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to give up. (not by taking myself out) I wanted to just let whatever happen, happen. Not caring what happened to me. I go there sometimes for a day or two.
But I “get back up”. You know what my biggest motivation has been? My kitty. I am her only parent now. I have to make sure she is okay.

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Sure. Those hits were hardest when I was raising 4 kids all by myself. No help from family, no help from my “Christian” friends. No help from anybody.
OTOH, having those 4 kids forced me to haul my ass back up again and start over. I didn’t even have the luxury of wallowing in self pity because of them. I guess they are what saved me.

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Also Postural Hypotension:
The blood pressure drops if you stand too quickly from a sitting or lying lying down.

Inadequate Nutrition ( eat more nutrients rich in proteins and essential vitamins B12 and Folate).

I believe that you are NOT eating regularly and this could also cause anemic conditions where the heart cannot maintains the proper blood pressure in your veins.

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There are different types of hits that I managed to survive.

Education: Late father told me that as soon as I was turing 18 yrs old that I have to get out as was to my older siblings earlier too. Got part time job after school.

Housing: Subsided Housing helped when I went back to school.( Colloge/Student Loans).

Jobs: During the 1980’s economic downturn took whatever jobs that paid the bills and food on the table.
Later as the economy had an upturn things worked out better for me with Government jobs etc

Health:Ups and downs but took it upon myself to get in shape and hence hiked, biked,walked etc ( don’t need expensive Gym ..when everything is free in the outdoors.

Retirement: As a retired senior collect Government Pension plus other subsidized benefits.
Maintained my health, finances, by not living laviously, but good enough for me.

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