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Should you clap between movements at a symphony?

Asked by BuzzBean (13points) August 6th, 2007

what is the etiquette here? is it different at a ballet?

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NO. you're not supposed to clap between movements.

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Never, never, never. At the opera the audience always applauds the arias and at the end of each act; and I think that if a ballet has several movements (Swan Lake, Nutcracker) everyone claps after each. Also people clap after a solo, duet, triplet, etc does a number.

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my general rule of thumb, if everyone else is clapping, clap.

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Never clap between movements of a multi-movement piece of music.

If in doubt, watch the conductor. His or her body language should let you know when to clap.

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No, no. It really is distracting and annoying to those who know the work of music really well. Read the program. That's an easy place to check ahead of time so that you can be ready to sit on your hands!

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Between the first and second movements: No.
Between the second and third movements: No.
Between the third and fourth movements: No.
After the last movement when the conductor turns to face the audience or signals for the orchestra to stand: Yes.

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no no, never…once the conductor stands and faces the audience and streches his arm out to the pianist, orchestra, etc you may clap

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It totaly depends on the sitiution but like the other person says above “If everyone else is clapping, I clap too.”

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@Peter; never, never, never (as I have said) between movements, whatever the situation is.

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