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Which has a larger population, Heaven or Hell?

Asked by AstroChuck (37428points) September 16th, 2008 from iPhone

Personally, I don’t believe in either. But if I adopt a Judeo-Christian point of view I think I’ve got to go with Hell. It just seems the rules for the heavenly road are just a bit too stringent.

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I’m sorry on advance for this, Chuck, but it’s a cross between an elephant and a rhino. An elephino.

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Considering every single sect of any major religion has different guidelines for who gets to go to heaven, I’m going to have to say hell. And if that’s the case, seems to me like there would be a whole lot more people there for me to hang out with, so sign me up!

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I think most flutherites would end up in hell. I think that’s a good thing.

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Hell. If there really is one, I’ll probably end up there too.

I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints.

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Well since pretty much every religion has a concept of heaven, I suppose there are many. But hell seems to be one, singular place. I’d be more at home with the heretics and sinners. I’m sure they’d make much better company.

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I think if they do exist or if there was such a thing then there would be the exact same population, a positive for every negative.

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Does it matter?

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I’d like to think that Heaven has a larger population.
This thesis on whether or not hell is Exothermic, however, is rather entertaining.

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Lurve for providing the link to that thesis. Pretty damn funny.

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Like Steven Tyler told Willie Nelson on his seventy-somethingth birthday, “Hope we have as much fun in hell as we had getting there.”

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*note: anyone who is (or will be) in heaven is/was a sinner, too… no one’s perfect

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All the fun people would be in Hell…...

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@ breed. Nice quote.

Hell. It’s obvious. According to Dante’s inferno, anyone born before the time of Christ is sent to one of the lesser levels of hell by default. Doesn’t matter how good or brilliant the person. If I remember correctly Dante bumped into homer, Aristotle, and Socrates in Hell. If those dudes are down there just because of the unfortunate time period they were born, then there must be aN unbelievable amount of heathens in Hell, having one helluva (sorry) party.
Please keep in mind though. My belief is that Heaven or Hell are almost as plausible destinations as Narnia, Dagobah, or Mordor.

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I’d like to think more on a positive note and say heaven. And not a heaven like how astro explains it (a bit too stringent). Just an accepting and welcoming heaven. Or for people that don’t believe in a heaven… Just more of a happier place. Better then this place we call earth. And I agree with chutter.. We all aren’t perfect.

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@Marcis: I’ll tell Mr Tumnis you said “hi”.

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I’ll never find out the answer.

I’ve decided that I am not going to die, ever, and that’s that!

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Zero still equals zero. Cheers!

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Seeing as the places I would call “heaven” usually involve me and a select few others and the places I call “hell” usually have all sorts of miscreants (ever been to a gigantic sale on the day after Thanksgiving?” I’d have to say hell.

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Well my in-laws house only has room for about 50 people… maybe 75, so let’s solve it mathematically.

Heaven = Anywhere other than my in-laws
Hell = My in-laws

Well since my in-laws home has a set variable of 50 – 75 people and everywhere else is exponentially larger, I’m going to have to go with Heaven. I sure hope I can get there soon. =)

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Gawd forbid! We need you here!

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LoL… I didn’t mean in the real sense of dying. I meant I just wanna get the frick (woohoo I’m tonin’ it down!) out of here.

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In my opinion, everyone’s going to hell, except the crazy people that confess every single sin or bad thing they have done. Father forgive me, for I have sinned. I’ve had evil thoughts of Jesus in pantyhose. O.o All this in addition of me not believing in Heaven, Jesus, or any of the above.

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Thanks amish ninja, now I am picturing Jesus in pantyhose..geesh :0)

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How am I to know you weren’t thinking about him in pantyhose before I mentioned anything…?

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If the re is a place where all the bad people go at the end, hell of course is overpopulated (we better behave, there will be no room for us)

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We are alreadly in hell.

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Okay, here’s your answer, I found it on the internet, so it has to be right…...

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@marissa Wow… that’s a pretty hefty list.

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i don’t think there really is a “hell” like the way most people might think of it.
i think that if anyone is truly evil at heart, they’re spirits will wander the earth forever, which i guess, in some form, is kinda like hell. i sure wouldn’t wanna get stuck here forever.
but i do beleive that everyone is good, except a few that just truly are evil, such as that satan dude. and maybe all the good people won’t go to heaven where we’ll all sing praises and float on clouds all day, but our spirits will be in good company for eternity.

golly gee, i’m a weirdo. but to answer your question short and easy, i think heaven has a larger population.

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Definitely Hell. Here’s why:

Lets look at the different religions that exist in the world today. Many of these religions—most of the most popular ones by far—state that each one is the one, true religion and if you do not follow the tenets of their religion, you will go to Hell, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, including and especially those who do not take part in any religion at all. Since there are more than one of these religions and since true believers cannot belong to more than one religion, or are atheists, we can project that all souls go to Hell and none go to Heaven.

Therefore, the population of Hell is by far greater than that of Heaven.

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