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Can something I ingest go into the Appendix organ?

Asked by TOVOT (7points) March 29th, 2022

if I ingest (for example) a pebble in the middle of the food, which would be carried out through the Rectum/Anus, passing through the Colon, in the Feces, could it instead end up in the Appendix? it’s possible?

I know, it might be an unpleasant question, but my interest is concerning the functioning of the Appendix organ, because I have looked for official references on this on the internet and have not found any.

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I don’t think that the Appendix would filter the stone; however, it might filter any bacteria presented by the stone. Stanford explains it like this.

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No. The appendix is an organ that we once used when our foods were much coarser, more raw. When we were more animal/ape like.

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Your esophagus, stomach and intenstines are closed, so nothing seeps out of them. If foods leaked out of the stomach or intestines, you’d be poisoned.

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Yes, it could get stuck in the appendiceal orifice. I’ve never seen it but it is theoretically possible.

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Yes it is possible but it’s rare because usually the object is carried out with digested food. But if it was swallowed alone, it has a better chance of falling into the appendix. But again I will say it is rare. Most of the time the appendix gets infected because of waste that just slowly falls into it and builds up. The appendix has no exit, so anything that falls in stays and it then swells and eventually bursts or is perforated and the toxins will slowly leak out. Once it does that, then it infects your body. I had my burst and the infection spilled into my intestines and nearly killed me.

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